SSC Campaigns

At the Sierra Student Coalition, we believe in people power and the ability for young people to make lasting change in our communities. Our goal is to empower students and youth to run effective grassroots campaigns that result in real victories for the environment, public health, energy, and climate change.

The Millennial Generation wants a future powered by renewable energy, where innovation and prosperity flourishes. The way we consume and produce energy has a dramatic effect on the current and future public health and security. The SSC is committed to becoming a national leader in developing and implementing campaigns that help break our dependence on dirty fossil fuels and promote renewable energy solutions. We understand that energy issues are interconnected with other social and environmental concerns.


People's Climate March PosterPeople's Climate March

This September 21, join tens of thousands of other youth across the country in the largest climate march in history.



 Seize the Grid

Seize the Grid

Through the Seize the Grid Campaign, young people across the country will create the demand and the vision for local clean energy opportunities that work for their campuses, their communities, and their states.



Campuses Beyond Coal

Since 2009 the SSC has teamed up with the Sierra Club's Beyond Coal campaign to kick coal off our campuses.  This ambitious effort aims to move all our campuses to 100% clean energy solutions and link local youth leaders with off-campus campaigns to fight the destruction of our land and communities by the coal industry.



Since 2011, the SSC has teamed up with partner organizations to push universities to divest from the fossil fuel industry.