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Green Life
Tuesday, August 7, 2012
These magnificent trees would leave even the Lorax speechless
The Planet
Facing resistance in their efforts to impose monthly charges on rooftop solar customers, utilities have adopted a new strategy to discourage customers from going solar and preserve their profits in the face of flattening electricity demand.
Santa Barbara County is threatened by a large increase in risky and extreme oil extraction.
Residents in southeast Louisiana's Plaquemines Parish received some great holiday and post-holiday news about the proposed RAM coal export terminal.
Captain Ralph
Sunday, September 1, 2013
Ralph, our fishing guide, pulled up his net and saw that it was empty once again. For the past hour, he'd been scraping it along the bottom of the Putahow River, hoping to scoop up the nut that had dislodged from our propeller, leaving our boat dead in the water.
Green Alpha's Next Economy
About three weeks ago, I posted a piece called "RGS Energy, Tempered, Opportunistic Growth," an optimistic bit of coverage on one of our holdings,  (RGSE), that included an 18-month price target of $10.00 per share. Since then, several developments and pieces of information have come to light that have caused us to revise our assessment of the company.
The Planet
Environmentalists working with the Sierra Club's Florida Panther campaign won a year-long battle Friday to stop oil drilling in southwest Florida after a Texas-based oil drilling company announced it will terminate its lease holdings o
Check out some of our top 2015 Outings. Be sure to check back periodically for additional adventures.
The South King County group serves all areas south of I-90 including Auburn, Black Diamond, Burien, Covington, Des Moines, Enumclaw, Federal Way, Kent, Maple Valley, Newcastle, Normandy Park, Ravensdale, Renton, SeaTac, Tukwila, and Vashon Island.
These national policies can be used to support positions taken by Sierra Club entities. National policy on jurisdiction and use of Sierra Club policies can be found at: http://clubhouse.sierraclub.org/administration/policies/institutional/jurisdiction-within-sierra-club.aspx
We all use energy every day at home, work, and everywhere in between. And all that energy consumption has a huge impact on our local and global environment. The Washington Chapter Energy Committee educates Sierra Club members, policy makers, and Washington residents about energy issues and how we can all take steps to reduce our environmental footprint by making smarter choices in how we buy and use energy.We do this a variety of ways: 
Sierra Club Office2818 Sutton BlvdSt. Louis, MO 63143314-644-1011emg@missouri.sierraclub.org Map to Sierra Club office 
DIY natural olive oil soap: Get clean while keeping nasty chemicals out of the environment and away from your skin
Green Life
Tuesday, September 4, 2012
Get clean while keeping nasty chemicals out of the environment and away from your skin.
Sierra Club Radio
This week on Sierra Club Radio: Ben Montgomery on his book Grandma Gatewood's Walk: The Inspiring Story of the Woman Who Saved the Appalachian Trail Henry Nichols, author of The Galapagos Avital Andrews shares green tips for the 4th of July weekend
Maine Needs Clean Elections for a Clean Environmentby Susan van Alsenoy, Sierra Club Maine Executive Committee Member
There are currently two active Sierra Club groups under the Arkansas Chapter. The Ozark Headwaters Group (OHG) roughly includes the Northwestern part of Arkansas while the Central Arkansas Group (CAG) roughly represents Southeastern Arkansas. When you become a member of National Sierra Club, you automatically become a member of the group who represents you. To find out which group you are a member of, check the map below.
Denial for Dollars
Friday, November 1, 2013
After 341 straight months of warmer-than-average global temperatures, 55 percent of Republicans in the 113th Congress still deny climate change.
Problem: A large hog farm has been placed in the Buffalo National River watershed.Below, the latest update is listed first. 1/17/15 - The University of Arkansas study on impact of C&H hog farm on water in the Buffalo River watershed is running out of money .....study has so far been inconclusive .....legislature will need to decide during the current session whether to continue funding the study. (See Arkansas Democrat-Gazette 1/17/15 page 1B for more information.)
The Sierra Club Rocky Mountain Chapter Communications Team is a team of volunteers who work on internal and external media communications for the chapter.  The work of this team resulted in winning the national Sierra Club Communications Award in 2013.
Just about all the case studies I read in graduate school made it seem like the only people who make large-scale change in the world are from the corporate or government sectors. Coming from the nonprofit arena, I knew there were powerful stories not being told about how NGO advocates too could positively affect millions of people -- and without a lot of money or inherent power.
Diatoms are nature’s tiny glass workers, building impossibly intricate cases for themselves out of silica.  Victorian enthusiasts collected these single-celled algae and arranged them into kaleidoscopic patterns with micron-level precision.
Tilley's Trackby Prof Allen TilleyDisclaimer: The material in this section is not necessarily the policy of the Sierra Club. The referenced materials are the responsibility of the publishers/writers and Mr. Tilley’s analysis is intended to provoke thought and action, but not necessarily endorsed or held as policy by the Sierra Club.Sent 1/23
Topics: Ann Arbor Greenway • Train station • Dioxane plume • Glendale Drive condo development • Northwest Ann Arbor development
Permanent protection of the Berryessa Snow Mountain region has been a top Redwood Chapter priority for a number of years. Only a short drive north of the San Francisco Bay Area in the Inner Coast Range, these very special 350,000 acres of federal lands contain lush forests, wildflower meadows, three designated Wilderness areas, and a Wild and Scenic River. The region is home to tule elk, river otters, California’s second largest population of wintering bald eagles, and the rare Pacific fisher....
Georgia Institute of Technology
cool schools 2013
Friday, August 30, 2013
Cool Schools 2013 FAQs.
How do we move clean energy access beyond just a light bulb?