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9/18/14 - For the first time in our nation's history, EPA has proposed to limit the amount of carbon dioxide emissions coming from dirty power plants. This is a big deal. 
Arkansas is set to reduce its CO2 emissions by 44%. If we do it right--with an emphasis on moving away from dirty coal, ramping up renewable energy and focusing on energy efficiency--we can create thousands of jobs for Arkansans while also improving our environmental and public health.
Tell EPA that you support clean energy here in Arkansas! We need your voice to help push this rule over the finish line. THANK YOU. 

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Arkansas Sierra Club In The News

From: Sierra Club - Arkansas Chapter (
Friday, August 29, 2014

Dear Arkansas Sierrans and Friends:

All across the country, the clean energy revolution is becoming a reality. States and utilities are adding thousands of megawatts of wind and solar energy to provide power, all the while ditching old, dirty coal-fired power that kills our communities. It's happening nearly everywhere.

Everywhere, that is, except for Arkansas. Will you help us change that?

Arkansas is one of the few states in the entire country that doesn't produce a single megawatt of power from solar or wind. Our small state of less than 3 million people is home to five dirty coal-fired power plants, three of which are more than thirty years old. These plants contribute mightily to climate disruption, all the while spewing toxic air pollutants that damage our health and our environment.

The good news: we now have a chance to change this. For the first time ever, the Environmental Protection Agency is taking action to protect our states from the dangers of carbon pollution from power plants. The EPA's proposed "Clean Power Plan" will require Arkansas to sharply reduce her carbon dioxide emissions--85% of which come from our state's coal-fired power plants.

Right now, Sierra Club is working hard to support the proposed rule against fierce opposition from coal-burning utility polluters. Just this week, we have been in meetings with utilities and regulators making the case for moving from dirty coal to clean energy. At the bottom of this email, I've pasted several links from today's news. I hope you'll take a look and be proud that you, as a Sierra Club member, are helping us stand up for an environmental policy that makes sense.

Your Arkansas Sierra Club has been working for years to get our state to embrace clean energy and transition away from dirty coal. Finally, we have a real chance. Sierra Club is committed to increasing our commitment to wind power, solar power, and aggressive energy efficiency programs. We are fully engaged in helping to draft our state's plan to reduce carbon dioxide pollution, and--with your help--we have a strong chance to build a clean energy future for The Natural State.

Today, will you make a generous contribution to the Arkansas Sierra Club and help clean up our state's energy mix? Every dollar you donate stays right here in Arkansas to help fund progressive environmental work in our state.

To donate, please go to the top right of this page.

On behalf of your Arkansas Sierra Club, thank you for your membership and for your generous support. Your kindness helps keep us going.

(Don't forget to scroll down and check out the Sierra Club news hits from today--thanks!)

Glen Hooks
Chapter Director
Sierra Club of Arkansas

Building a Stronger Sierra Club: It Starts With Us

One of the great things about the Sierra Club is our long, solid history of being a volunteer-driven organization. From the time that John Muir founded Sierra Club in 1892 to the present day, volunteers make up the elected leadership across the country and make decisions about our environmental campaigns. Staff takes our direction from volunteers—I’m proud to be the director of the Arkansas Sierra Club, and to work directly for our thousands of members to make Arkansas a better place.

Here in Arkansas, your Sierra Club chapter has been officially chartered since the early 1980s. Volunteer members like you have led our efforts to protect our air, our water, our forests, and our special places. Our members have terrific stories to tell. Maybe you helped to protect the Buffalo River and get it designated as our country’s first national river. Or you were part of the group standing up against clear-cutting our forests. You may have attended rallies to stop the pollution of Lake Maumelle, or testified in favor of clean energy legislation at the Capitol. Did you stand up against dirty coal pollution? I might have seen you helping community members in Mayflower stand up against ExxonMobil after last year’s tar sands oil spill. Over the years, thousands of Arkansas Sierra Club members have found countless ways to contribute to the cause and help make us the state’s most active environmental protection organization.

In 2014, your Arkansas Sierra Club continues to fight the good fight. For example, we are supporting efforts to double the state’s energy efficiency goals for utilities—ensuring that Arkansans both save energy and money while also cutting down on pollution. We are fighting back against pollution from dirty coal-fired power plants in our region that contribute to the degradation of our environment and our health. Finally, we are already beginning to prepare for the upcoming legislative session in an effort to promote solid environmental legislation and push back against bills that hurt The Natural State.

I invite you to be part of the Arkansas Sierra Club’s legacy of environmental leadership and activism. We have volunteer activities that can fit your schedule—everything from testifying before government bodies, to writing letters to the editor, to calling your elected officials, to leading hikes and float trips, to tabling for Sierra Club at festivals. We need you. Arkansas needs you. Contact your local Sierra Club group leader, or contact me at or 501-301-8280.

Thank you for your membership, and thank you for all that you do to protect Arkansas. Let’s get to work.

Glen Hooks, Sierra Club - Arkansas Chapter Director - June 2, 2014

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