Teaming Up to Defend Democracy

Big money donors who promoted a dirty energy agenda spent over $270 million on television ads in the last two months of the 2012 election cycle -- and billionaire oil barons like the Koch brothers are propping up shadowy organizations like ALEC that are pushing state laws to suppress the vote across the country. Why? Because our voices are our votes - and if those who care about protecting the health of our families and our planet are kept from the polls or drowned out by big polluter cash, it’ll make it impossible to win on the issues we care about. And it’ll make it easier for our opponents to win.

But we’re fighting back. The Sierra Club is teaming up with the NAACP, Communications Workers of America, Greenpeace and almost 50 organizations, in The Democracy Initiative. Our goal is to restore the core principle of political equality. To do this we must build a movement to halt the corrupting influence of big money in politics, prevent the manipulation and suppression of voters, and address other obstacles to significant reform. Already, we are standing shoulder to shoulder in fights that matter all across the country.

It’s an unprecedented coalition with goals that couldn't be more important -- and we need your voice.

Get involved with Sierra Club's work to build a better democracy today by checking with your chapter or by contacting the program director: