Hurricane Harvey: Toxic Sites

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Legend: Active Commercial Oil & Gas Waste Facility | Power Plant | Hazardous Waste Facility | Chemical Facility | Petroleum and Natural Gas Facility | Confined Animal Feeding Operation | Petroleum Bulk Terminal | Superfund Site

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The Texas Gulf region has been devastated by Hurricane Harvey, but the threats from this storm will not subside as the clouds leave. For decades, Houston has been home to an immense concentration of chemical and plastics plants, oil and gas refineries, Superfund sites, fossil fuel plants, and wastewater discharge treatment plants among others, threatening the surrounding communities. The overwhelming majority of these facilities were constructed in communities of color, only adding to the burden felt from this disaster. Now, in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, the threat posed by these facilities has been magnified.

The map above details some of the major plants, refineries, and facilities that are posing heightened threats to the 25 counties most affected by Harvey. This site will be updated as we learn of actual reported and confirmed instances of releases, spills or accidents.

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