2014 September/October Sierra Magazine


Falling Stock

As renewables get cheaper and climate risks grow, Wall Street sours on the coal industry.

Financial Statement

Stanford and other universities are divesting from fossil fuel stocks—with varying degrees of commitment.

Waiting for Light

A few years from now, 80,000 new Indian households a month could extend their lives beyond sunset.


Green Life Blog

4 Ways Ugly Has Become Trendy
Optically deficient, aesthetically challenged, Frankenstein-esque, and just plain ugly – are you avoiding this type of produce when grocery shopping? Most of us are guilty of bypassing two-headed apples, phallic carrots, excessively lumpy potatoes, and other ugly produce for cosmetic reasons (read: no reason). Fortunately, the tide is turning.
8 Transformative Staycation Ideas
Transform your abode with these 8 imaginative themes.
Earth's Address Just Got Longer
"Dear Mr. Muir: Your home address is incorrectly configured. Please adjust your settings."
Growing, Growing, Gone: Urban Farming Hits the Big Leagues
Will fresh veggies replace hot dogs at baseball games?
How Green Spaces Are Saving Humanity
Living near leafy areas can provide perks you don’t even realize you’re getting, from lower blood pressure to lower crime rates.
What Can College Students Do to Save the Planet?
Sierra's eco-expert gives fresh tips for the college-bound.
When urban raptors attack
Spot urban birds of prey and learn what they indicate about your city's ecosystem.
Why Danes Don't Need Bicycle Helmets
Some cycling advocates think that if we stopped wearing helmets the U.S. could be more like Copenhagen. Maybe we should just learn Danish instead!
Why Valley Uprising Rocks
Just in time for Yosemite’s 150th birthday, Valley Uprising portrays the respective histories of rock climbing and Yosemite as inextricably intertwined and ultimately sustained by the “mad to live” counterculture of each new generation. Caution to the faint of heart: documentary features swearing, drug use, and counterculture.