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Sierra Club Insider June 30, 2004

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One If By Land, Two If By Hybrid
The Sierra Club is playing Paul Revere this summer, kicking off its "I Will Evolve" hybrid evolution campaign with organizers driving in hybrid vehicles from town to town giving people a chance to get behind the wheel.

"Evolution means getting better," says Brendan Bell, one of the leaders of the "I Will Evolve" campaign. "Fish evolved gills. Birds got wings. We need to produce energy without destroying the planet." On Memorial Day, one team of drivers started from Key West en route to Maine, with another team set to drive from Chicago to L.A. via historic Route 66, and a third team covering the West Coast. To learn more about the campaign, visit the "I Will Evolve" website.

Progress Is The Best Revenge
Sierra Club Executive Director Carl Pope has been criss-crossing the country speaking about his new book Strategic Ignorance, and listening to Americans talking about how the administration's environmental policies are affecting their communities. To read Carl's dispatches from the road, check out his weblog. If you missed Carl when he was in your area, you can hear his speech at the website of the Commonwealth Club of San Francisco.

A short excerpt from Strategic Ignorance:

"The comforting belief of most Americans that we are gradually but surely protecting our land, air, water, and wildlife is no longer justified. The environmental safety net that took a century to weave has been shredded. We will not regain what we have lost until we recognize it has been stolen. Nor will we regain it if we despair at our loss. Despair breeds weakness and passivity; qualities the Bush administration and its cohorts can exploit. What we have not lost is love for the land -- the same love that nourished the 'nester' settlers of the West and runs in a powerful undercurrent throughout American history. It propelled us twice before, once in the time of Teddy Roosevelt and John Muir, and again after Earth Day 1970, to rise up in the face of blind, corrosive, shortsighted devastation, to insist that America redeem its better self."

The Day After "The Day After"
Certainly The Day After Tomorrow, the apocalyptic movie in which an ice age slams New York City overnight, is over the top with its depiction of global warming. But that didn't mean the Sierra Club couldn't seize the opportunity to launch a discussion about the real science and politics of global climate change.

In Boston, reports local organizer Jeremy Marin, chapter volunteers engaged in street theater on opening night, with appearances by Larry the Light Bulb Guy, who wore a helmet with a compact fluorescent bulb that lit up, and Percy (short for Perspiration) the Polar Bear, who carried a sign that read, "Homeless and hungry due to global warming"

"The real fiction is coming from the Bush administration," says Dan Becker, director of the Club's Global Warming program. "When moviemakers get their facts wrong, you're out a few bucks. But when the Bush administration ignores the science, the results can be disastrous. The movie got that right."

Find out how you can put the heat on the Bush administration.

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