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Sierra Club Insider August 17, 2004

Voters and the Environment
child Have you heard? There's an election this November. For the next three months, the Sierra Club's Environmental Voter Education Campaign will attempt to reach the hundreds of thousands of people who care about the environment but don't always get to the polls. Club volunteers will talk to their neighbors about the environmental records of George W. Bush and John Kerry, educate voters about how environmental issues affect communities and families, and encourage everyone to vote. We'll be recruiting volunteers for activities such as making calls, organizing mailing parties, or helping with ground efforts in a nearby state. Learn how you can support the campaign.

Clearing the Air at Ground Zero
9/11In the days, weeks, and months following 9/11, Bush administration officials instructed the EPA to downplay the dangers of air pollution at Ground Zero. The White House changed key language in EPA press releases to cover up or minimize the dangers to workers and residents, and the EPA repeatedly reassured the public that the air at Ground Zero was safe to breathe -- despite the known presence of high levels of dangerous substances. The Sierra Club's new report, "Air Pollution and Deception at Ground Zero: How the Bush Administration's Reckless Disregard of 9/11 Toxic Hazards Poses Long-Term Threats for New York City and the Nation," which will be released on August 18th, reveals the depth and breadth of this misinformation campaign and the consequences for the public's health.

Eastern Gray Wolf in Jeopardy
wolfIn July, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service proposed removing the "eastern population" of gray wolves (east of Montana) from the endangered species list. "Wolves in Minnesota have thrived under federal protection, proving that the Endangered Species Act works," says Ginny Yingling of the Club's national working group on wolves. "This is a case of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory." Similar concerns have been expressed regarding management plans in Wisconsin and Michigan. Find out how to get involved.

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  Uncompahgre Wilderness

With its craggy peaks, panoramic vistas, tumbling cascades, and deep canyons, the Uncompahgre Wilderness in Colorado's San Juan Mountains has earned the sobriquet, "The Switzerland of America." A six-day Sierra Club backpacking trip from September 5-11 will take hikers in a circuit around the area's highest peaks, including 14,000-footers Wetterhorn and Uncompahgre Peaks. If nature cooperates, the route will be bathed in golden aspen color. Find out more about this and other Sierra Club trips.

  In-House Job

Most Insider readers know that the new California commemorative quarter, due out next January, features Club founder John Muir and Yosemite National Park's iconic Half Dome. But many may not know that the quarter was designed by one of our own: Angeles Chapter member Garrett Burke. "Muir, for me, embodies the best of California," says Burke. Read more about Garrett's story and the Muir quarter at out John Muir Exhibit.
  States Sue Feds Over Global Warming

With glaciers melting and the hottest years on record following one after another, the Bush administration's resounding response to global warming? Silence. Meanwhile, eight state attorneys general have taken up the charge to hold coal-burning utilities by filing suit to force five of America's largest energy utilities to cut carbon dioxide emissions. Join the Sierra Club in demanding that the Bush administration start taking global warming seriously.


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