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Sierra Club Insider October 25, 2004

One More Week

Hard as it is to believe, hundreds of thousands of environmental supporters didn't vote in 2000. How can we motivate them to vote this year?

We talk to them.

What makes the difference for infrequent voters, says Sierra Club Executive Director Carl Pope, is that someone asks them to vote. "Knowing that someone values your vote enough to help get you to the polls on Election Day is what can turn non-voters into voters, and occasional voters into voting addicts."

In the next week, thousands of Sierra Club volunteers will go door-to-door to get out the vote. Hundreds more will participate in the "Road to Somewhere" program, going to battleground states to help knock on doors and work phonebanks.

Sierra Club President Larry Fahn is one of those volunteers going across the country to help. Here's his report from Tampa:

"Things are hopping here in Florida. Voters are lining up every day this week to cast their votes early. We've recruited about 100 new volunteers for the last 13 days of get-out-the-vote effort. We recently passed the 700,000 mark for doors we've knocked on across the country, but we still have many doors to knock on and phone calls to make before November 2. Join us!"

"John's Most Excellent Door-Knocking Adventure"

Club staffer and Insider editor John Barry will fly from California to work on the ground in Wisconsin and will post daily dispatches starting tonight. "The last time I went door-to-door talking to strangers," he says, "was selling newspaper subscriptions to the Chicago Daily American when I was 12. The paper stopped publishing in 1969 -- probably because I didn't work hard enough selling subscriptions. That won't happen again."

Think Your Vote Doesn't Count?

In 2000, in 15 "battleground" states, the margin of victory was less than the number of Sierra Club members and "environment first" voters. Click on the map to see how close it was. And how close it could be on November 2.

Blue-Green Alliance Promotes Jobs, Clean Energy

A new study released by the Sierra Club, the United Steelworkers, SEIU and other labor and environmental advocates shows that a clean energy policy would create 1.4 million new American jobs while saving consumers an average of $1,275 on their energy bills in 2025.

The report, "Smarter, Cleaner, Stronger: Secure Jobs, a Clean Environment, and Less Foreign Oil" by Redefining Progress, an Oakland, California-based think tank, promotes investment in clean and renewable energy technologies, and stands in stark contrast to the Bush administration's energy plan, which embraces increasing oil dependence and ignores global warming. The report details job gains nationally and on state-by-state. For example, Ohio would gain 65,000 new jobs in the manufacturing and service sectors in the next two decades.

Check out your state's potential job gains.

Need Another Reason to Get Involved?

Well, we've got almost 90. And more every day. Check out our ever-growing "100 Reasons to Get Involved" like Reason #76: Saving the Grizzly.

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  Needed: 10,000 New Members by Election Day!

No matter who wins in November, we're going to have a lot of work to do. We're hoping to recruit 10,000 new members online by November 2. Every member sends a message -- environmental protection must be a top priority for our nation.
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