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Sierra Club Insider December 7, 2004

The Oddest Couple
John Muir and George W. Bush can never see eye to eye -- or can they? When cartoonist Mark Fiore follows everyone's favorite wilderness odd couple to the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, the President seems to develop newfound respect for the Refuge and its inhabitants. See what happens in the latest episode of "Camping with George."

Don't forget: You can add your voice to our petition asking Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid not to sacrifice the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and other precious wilderness resources for short-term oil-industry profits.

It's Time to Take a Stand
Join us in the battle for clean air, clean water, and the protection of our wild places.

The last four years have been tough ones for the environment - and yet working together, Sierra Club members have achieved key victories. But now the election of George Bush and a strong anti-environment majority in Congress pose the greatest threat to our air, water and wild places that the Sierra Club has seen in its 112-year history.

We need your help to ensure that the voice of the Sierra Club continues to be strong and effective in countering the assaults on environmental protection by the Bush Administration, their allies in Congress, and the powerful special interests that profit from the plunder and pollution of our natural heritage.

Please make a generous year-end gift to the Sierra Club.

Thank you in advance for supporting us during these particularly challenging times.

Santa's Feeling the Heat
Unfortunately, the Arctic is threatened by more than just the short-sighted energy policies of the Bush administration. The chilling results of global warming are already appearing, as you can learn in "Baked Alaska" -- a special report that Sierra Club Insider readers can read with an exclusive free pass from the online magazine Salon.

Surviving Your Relatives and the Holidays
Help your relatives discover their inner environmentalists. The next time Uncle Burt starts railing that we ought to drill for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge or Aunt Mim wonders what's so bad about slightly warmer winters, you'll be ready with just the right come back, thank to our Holiday Survival Guide.

Maná Wins Green Award
The day before Thanksgiving, young environmental crusaders Juan Martinez and Andrew Anderson, below with four of their colleagues, presented the Mexican rock band, Maná, with a Sierra Club-sponsored Green Award at the La Banda Elastica Latin Alternative Music Awards.

Platinum-selling Maná has been a leader in the environmental movement since 1995 when they established the Fundación Selva Negra -- the band donated a dollar from every ticket sold on its most recent U.S. tour. It raised more than $185,633, which went to Fundación projects such as tree planting in Latin American countries hard hit by deforestation.

Martinez and Anderson are part of Outward Bound Adventure's Youth Advisory Council (YAC), which is supported by the Sierra Club's Inside the Outdoors Project and provides urban youth with the chance to experience high-quality outdoor environmental education.

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  Club Honors Antarctica Activist

On November 15, the Sierra Club presented its highest international honor, the EarthCare Award, to James Barnes, founder of The Antarctica Project and leader of efforts to protect the last unspoiled continent. Presenting the award is the Club's International Affairs Vice President Michele Perrault.

  Supporting by Pouring

The Sierra Club and Signature Wines are offering a series of organic wines from Napa Valley and Mendocino that feature historic images from the Club's archives. A portion of the proceeds supports the Club's mission. Sierra Club Insider readers who order online can also get a complimentary engraved Sierra Club corkscrew. Be sure to enter Promo/Source Code SCFM4 when placing your order.
  Grand Canyon -- Keep It Wild!

The National Park Service's new plan for the Grand Canyon would maximize visitor services and motorized tourism along the Colorado River at the expense of wilderness values. It also would allow helicopters to fly to the bottom of the Grand Canyon to transport passengers to and from raft trips.

The Sierra Club's Grand Canyon Chapter is fighting to phase out motorized boats and protect the river's disappearing beaches. Concerned citizens have a chance to weigh in during a public comment period. Help us keep the Grand Canyon wild.


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