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 Sierra Club
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Sierra Club Insider January 10, 2005

A Hundred and One Points of Light...
Sierra Club 101 Without volunteers, there would be no Sierra Club. Sierra Club volunteers are more than the grassroots -- they're the trunk, branches, and crown of a giant sequoia.

If the New Year has you wondering whether now might be a good time to get more involved in the Club, you should know about the on-line resource we call "Sierra Club 101" -- it's a quick primer on how the Club works and how you can be a part of it. Check it out and you'll find that there are many ways to volunteer -- one of which is probably just right for you -- and easier than you might think.

One Who's Made a Big Difference...
Wayburn BookNeed an inspirational model for what one Sierra Club volunteer can achieve? Look no further than Dr. Edgar Wayburn, the Sierra Club's Honorary President since 1993.

Is it really possible that one man could be largely responsible for establishing the nation's largest urban park (the Golden Gate National Recreation Area), protecting more than 100 million acres of Alaskan wild lands, creating Redwood National Park, and preserving the Point Reyes National Seashore? It is, and Dr. Wayburn tells the unforgettable story of how he and his late wife Peggy accomplished it in his recently published memoir Your Land and Mine: Evolution of a Conservationist (available from Sierra Club Books).

For his visionary achievements, Dr. Wayburn was honored with the Albert Schweitzer Prize for Humanitarianism in 1995 and the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1999. Now 98 years old, he continues to fight to protect the wildlands of Alaska.

...And One Who's Made His Bed
Mr GreenIf you're going to moonlight as an advice columnist, you'd better be prepared to lie in any bed you make, and SIERRA magazine managing editor Bob Schildgen not only gets into the bed but defies anyone to kick him out of it. Bob writes "Hey Mr. Green" for SIERRA, a regular dose of uncommonsensible environmental wisdom on topics ranging from SUVs to air-conditioning. (Don't even think abut asking him about air-conditioned SUVs!)

Still pondering life's big questions (paper or plastic)? Drop a line to Mr. Green, and your question might get answered in SIERRA magazine.

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  A Resolution That's Easy to Keep

Looking for an easy way to get a little more exercise in 2005? How about a Sierra Club outing? We've just launched nearly 200 trips, from New Mexico to Newfoundland and all points in-between. And if you sign on with us, you won't just be getting a great trip; you'll also be helping make the planet a better place.

Sierra Club Outings  
  Green Eye for the Conventional Guy

Can Conventional Guy turn his life around -- or is he doomed to an endless succession of junk food, gas-guzzlers, and toxic chemicals? SIERRA magazine shows us the difference a little green lifestyling can make, as they transform him into the kind of guy you'd be proud to bring home to Mother Nature.
Green Eye  
  Kick Start Recycling with Zoomer

If you're like most Sierra Club members, you're probably already doing some recycling -- whether it's cans and bottles, newspapers, or yard waste. But are you sure you know about all of the recycling options in your neighborhood? How about batteries? Clothes hangers? Inner tubes?

You can use the Sierra Club's Zoomer tool to quickly find out all the options for recycling in your own neighborhood, based on your Zip code. And Zoomer can deliver lots of other useful tips and news about the environment in your neighborhood -- from the day's pollen count to local wildlife.

Try it out!






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