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Sierra Club Insider February 1, 2005

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire?
Bush cartoonSome of what President Bush says about the environment in his State of the Union address Wednesday night might be factual. But if his past statements on the subject are anything to go by, you might want to do a little fact-checking. Or better yet, practice your ability to spot a Bush administration environmental "whopper" ahead of time. The editors of RAW, the Sierra Club newsletter that promises "Uncooked Facts of the Bush Assault on the Environment," have put together a short quiz that tests your ability to spot a real Bush environmental "whopper." Check your BS (Bush Speak) detection meter now.

Party with Oil on Ice
Oil on Ice is not the latest hip cocktail -- it's a compelling new DVD presented by the Sierra Club Productions that connects the fate of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and the local Gwich'in Athabascan Indians and Inupiat Eskimos to the decisions America makes about energy policy.

RaboffAdeline Peter Raboff, right, a Neets'aii Gwich'in Indian from Arctic Village, begins the documentary with her song "Shik'eenoohtii (Take Care of Me)." She is working to protect the Gwich'in culture and livelihood by opposing the oil drilling in the pristine Arctic Refuge.

In order to protect the Arctic and fight for a clean energy future, the Sierra Club is encouraging a day of house parties on Saturday, March 12 -- cocktails optional -- to watch and discuss the one-hour documentary. Best of all: We'll supply the DVD. Sign up to host a house party, and we'll send you the Oil on Ice DVD, as well as materials on how to move America toward energy freedom.

Wisconsin Teen Named to Newspaper Advisory Board
Colleen O'ConorOn January 15, Colleen O'Conor, a 14-year-old high school freshman from Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, was named to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reader advisory committee that's her at left volunteering with the Sierra Club's voter education efforts this past October. O'Conor, who is helping to start a Sierra Student Coalition at her high school, was one of ten citizens chosen to advise the newspaper's editorial board from 150 applicants. ("We had an overwhelming response," wrote Editorial Page Editor O. Ricardo Pimentel, "though the only pay promised was cookies.")

The very next day, the Journal published an editorial opposing drilling the Arctic Refuge and supporting more conservation and fuel efficiency. Quick work by O'Conor on her first day?

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  Sol and Solitude in the Arctic

Hate to see that evening the sun go down? Sign up for the Sierra Club's backpack trip to the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and you could enjoy a dozen days of 24-hour sunlight while exploring one of America's most threatened wilderness areas. You'll have a chance to witness the spectacular Porcupine herd caribou migration. (Of course, we can't guarantee the caribou or the sunshine. But we can be sure that night won't fall.)

  Are We at the Top Yet?

Vertical Frontier, a feature-length documentary from Peloton Productions in association with Sierra Club Productions, tells the story of the first climbers to ascend the granite walls of Yosemite, from John Muir to David Brower to Patagonia founder Yves Chouinard and the climbing super athletes of today.

The film, narrated by Tom Brokaw, recently won the Viewers Choice at the International Festival of Outdoor Films in the Czech Republic! You can buy the DVD here. All net profits benefit the Sierra Club and other groups dedicated to protecting the mountain environment.
Vertical Frontier  
  New Rules Favor Logging, Cut Wildlife Protections

Just before Christmas, the Bush administration announced new rules governing forest management -- effectively removing 20 years of national forest protections. Shortly after President Bush was inaugurated in 2001, the timber industry presented its "wish list" for streamlining timber harvesting in national forests. Now here's the timber industry language showing up as policy. The new rules would remove wildlife protections, favor logging, and sharply limit public participation.

Please tell the Forest Service to withdraw these proposed changes. The comment period ends March 7.

Oregon Forest  

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