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Sierra Club Insider April 12, 2005
Saving Chimps and Humans, Too
Jane GoodallLegendary primatologist Jane Goodall (left) recently welcomed a large meeting of Sierra Club population activists with the hooting chimpanzee greeting she learned from her years of field work in Tanzania's Gombe National Park. "There are more human children born every day than the total number of the great apes left in the wild," she said. Her own Jane Goodall Institute works closely with villages surrounding Gombe and other chimpanzee sanctuaries on sustainable development and family planning, and she saluted the Club's efforts to win increased U.S. funding for family planning programs. Those efforts seem to be paying off: The day after activists from the Club and other organizations lobbying efforts, the Senate voted to overturn the "global gag rule," which severely constrains U.S. funding of family planning.

Learn more about the Club's population program here.

Go Farther on a Tank of Gas
With gas prices going through the roof, fuel economy has become not just environmentally sound but economically essential.

gas pump1. Drive Smart! When you drive aggressively, you waste gas and put others at risk. Observe the speed limit, avoid rapid acceleration and braking, and maintain a constant speed on the road.

2. Keep Your Car In Shape. A well-tuned car burns less gasoline. So make sure that you get your oil and air filters changed regularly, and that your tires are always properly inflated.

3. Change Your Commute. When you sit in rush hour traffic, you are burning gas and going nowhere. If possible, try to adjust your work schedule so that you can avoid rush hour traffic. Even better, and if your employer allows it, think about telecommuting.

Check out our complete list of ways to reduce your gas habit.

Senate Prepares for "Nuclear" Attack
William Myers, a former mining-industry lobbyist who believes that the Endangered Species Act is unconstitutional, was nominated for the U.S. Court of Appeals last year, but rejected by the Senate. Now he has been renominated. At a time when the judiciary often provides the main voice of reason on governmental environmental policy, appointing such extremists to lifetime positions could harm the environment for decades to come.

But this time, the current Senate majority leadership is threatening to change the rules and exercise a so-called 'nuclear option' -- which would allow them to pack the federal courts unimpeded by free debate and destroy the 200-year old system of checks and balances on which our government is based.

Sen. ReidOn April 6, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (left) and Representative John Lewis joined a large rally on the steps of the Supreme Court, where the Sierra Club and its coalition partners presented more than a million petition signatures from Americans opposed to the nuclear option.

Learn what this dangerous precedent really means, and how you can help to stop it.

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Photos: Jane Goodall (Michael Neugebauer/Jane Goodall Institute) | Sen. Reid (Alice McKeown) | Earth (NASA)
Note: The chimpanzee above is a sanctuary chimpanzee. Jane Goodall does not handle wild chimpanzees.