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Sierra Club Insider August 23, 2005

Every Day Matters

Every Day MattersSometimes it's easy to forget that our Club is, as the dictionary says, "an association of persons." To highlight the persons who compose the Sierra Club, we asked for -- and received -- real-life stories from hundreds of Sierra Club members and friends about what they were doing on August 6, 2005 that related to their interest in the environment.

Some were kayaking, climbing, or caving. Others were writing to politicians, weeding out invasive plant species, or maintaining a hiking trail. Still others were basking in the sun on the deck of a cabin, preparing a sumptuous meal from their own organic garden, or building a barn out of recycled lumber. One guy even proposed marriage!

Discover how Every Day Matters, in the words of people just like you, and add your own voice.

Wave Goodbye to Summer?

Wave Goodbye to SummerRemember when summer was the time to jump in the car and head to the beach? With gas prices topping $3 a gallon in some parts of the country, it's probably time for beach boys and girls to trade in their "woodie" station wagon -- or at least take another look at our gas-saving tips and MPG Calculator.

DrillsBut what if there are no beaches left to drive, bike, hike, or ride the bus to? America's coastlines have largely been left alone by the oil and gas industries -- until now. Make no mistake, though, America's beaches are at risk as the oil and gas industry is closer than ever before to lifting the drilling moratorium that has protected our coastlines from destruction. Watch "Drills: The Return of Offshore Oil & Gas Drilling" to see what summer could like if we don't stop them now.

Update: Exxpose Exxon Boycott Campaign

Every year, the destruction caused by the drilling, production, and use of oil and gasoline gets worse... but instead of advocating changes that would decrease our reliance on oil, the petroleum industry is looking instead to drill for more crude -- no matter the location, no matter how damaging.

Of all of the Big Oil companies, Exxon is the worst -- leading lobbying efforts in Washington, D.C. to open the pristine Arctic Refuge in Alaska for drilling, failing to keep its promise to pay for the extreme damage that resulted from the Exxon Valdez spill in Prince William Sound, and gouging consumers at the gas pump, while reaping record high profits -- over $25.3 billion in 2004 -- money that is paying for junk science designed to stop and stall action on global warming.

Exxpose ExxonThis needs to stop.

Join our boycott of the ExxonMobil Corporation by helping us to "Exxpose Exxon" -- our campaign to force ExxonMobil to reverse its anti-environmental policies -- policies which exploit our natural environment and the pocketbooks of the American public.

Here's what you can do:

Sign the petition to the Chairman and CEO of ExxonMobil, Lee Raymond, expressing your outrage at this company's irresponsible actions and pledge to participate in this boycott.

And second, make an urgent donation supporting the Sierra Club and its efforts in organizing this campaign, as well as our other work to preserve our environment and natural treasures.

Your action today is critical -- unless we "Exxpose" Exxon's disgraceful environmental record, we can not expect to achieve our goal -- to force Exxon to change its policies and practices and become a responsible business -- or even to admit that there is a problem.

Judge Roberts. Unanswered Questions.

Supreme CourtThe Sierra Club and other organizations have expressed concern about the Bush administration's refusal to release documents relating to 16 cases that Supreme Court nominee Judge John G. Roberts, Jr was involved with as Principal Deputy Solicitor General. Two of the cases concern whether the Constitution allows citizens to enforce the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, and other laws that protect the health and safety of communities. Another case asks whether the government must pay people if it restricts how they can use their land. Knowing the position of Judge Roberts on these important constitutional issues is vital to completing a full picture of his record on the environment.

To learn more about the Roberts nomination and the Sierra Club's concerns, visit our Environmental Law website.

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See You at the Summit!

In just over two weeks, thousands of Sierra Club people will meet at their biggest gathering in the Club's history: the Sierra Summit. Even if you can't be in San Francisco from September 8-11 for the entire Summit, it's still possible to participate.

>> Buy a one-day pass. You can attend any single day of the Summit and hear all of the programs and speakers for that day. To find out who's speaking when, visit the Summit website. No preregistration required.
>> Get tickets for Bill Maher's special Sierra Summit performance on September 10th, which includes a pre-show reception.
>> Best deal going: Get a Sierra Summit Exhibition Hall and Film Festival pass for only $15. More than 150 green lifestyle and other exhibitors will be at the Summit, and the Film Festival will feature more than 20 films.

Sierra Summit
New Night of Progressive Programming Launches on Link TV

Progressive organizations are turning to television to share their stories, and illustrate the values and principles we share as commons in America. These new programs will inspire new audiences and motivate us to take action. It starts with The ACLU's Freedom Files, a new 10-part multimedia series from producer/director Robert Greenwald's Brave New Films and the ACLU. Be sure to tune into the first hard-hitting episode of the series, "Beyond the Patriot Act," Thursday, September 8th on Link TV (satellite) at DIRECTV (Channel 375) and DISH Network (Channel 9410).

For additional details, visit And stay tuned for more information about a potential TV series drawn from stories of Sierra Club members and activists and your chance to submit your own inspiring videos.

ACLU Freedom Files


Save the Great Bear Rainforest

Our planet's largest tract of intact temperate rainforest, British Columbia's Great Bear Rainforest, has never been closer to being protected. With a historic land-use agreement currently on the table, now is the time to make your voice heard and ensure that the agreement becomes a reality.

Great Bear Rainforest
Photos: beach (Pier Ende) | "Drills" animation (Mark Fiore) | Supreme Court (Tjeerd Wiersma) | Sierra Summit (Lloyd Dangle) | ACLU Freedom Files (ACLU) | spirit bear (Marni Grossman)