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New "I Want My MPG!" Calculator
Good News from Congress, but Another Arctic Vote Looms
National Forests at Risk
The H1 Rides into the Sunset
Mr. Green on Fluorescent Lighting
Zoomer: Find Out Where to Recycle Near You
New Cartoon: Rall on Fuel Conservation Tips
EXPLORE: Grandparents and Grandkids week at Clair Tappaan Lodge
ENJOY: An Inconvenient Truth Opens Tomorrow!
PROTECT: Interview with Jane Goodall
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Sierra Club Insider May 23, 2006
I Want My MPG!
I Want My MPG!Wish you could do something to ease the pain at the gas pump this summer? Easy: Join all the cool kids and say, "I want my MPG!" Use our fuel calculator to see how much money you'd save if federal fuel-efficiency standards for your make and model of car were improved. Then, sign our petition to automobile executives around the world telling them to build better cars because you want to save money while saving the environment. Existing technology could save you a lot of money with practically no effort. Money for fixing something -- that's the way you do it.

Good News from Congress, but Another Arctic Vote Looms
Good News from CongressLast week, people like you reminded the House of Representatives that protecting our environment matters. Thank you! The message got through, and House members voted, on a bipartisan basis, in favor of the environment on six key amendments. Among the victories: They renewed the offshore-drilling moratorium; they prevented the EPA from carrying out a policy directive that would have relaxed safeguards on drinking water across the country; and they voted to end taxpayer subsidies for new logging roads in the Tongass National Forest.

But we're still not in the clear. This week, Congress looks yet again at drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Let's keep the victories coming: Tell Congress that you want the Arctic Refuge to remain pristine.

National Forests...Going Once, Twice, Sold!
Protect the National ForestsThe Bush administration has proposed selling off 800,000 acres of our National Forests and public lands -- literally handing our forests to the highest bidder.

From coast to coast, this wholesale assault threatens our few remaining old-growth forests...the forests of the Southern Appalachian Mountains...the beautiful hardwood forests of the Great Lakes region...the San Juan National Forest in Colorado...the magnificent ponderosa forests in Arizona and New Mexico.

We need your immediate help to stop this terrible travesty -- support the Sierra Club and its campaign to preserve these wildlands.

Donate Now!

The H1 Rides into the Sunset
Laters HummerThe original mass-produced, street-legal Hummer is being put to pasture by its manufacturer, General Motors. "It's one thing if it's carrying soldiers to and from a fight," Dan Becker, the Sierra Club's fuel-efficiency expert, told the New York Times. "It's another if it's hauling lattes home from Starbucks." The Times states, "With diesel fuel prices around $3 a gallon, it costs more than $150 to fill up the H1's two gas tanks, which together hold 51.5 gallons." And now they aren't selling like they used to. Hmm, we wonder why that is. Oh, yeah: consumers are saying, "I want my MPG!" Although one type of Hummer is disappearing, rumors of its extinction are greatly exaggerated, as two other models are still available, the H2 and H3. (Check out the Sierra Club's to learn more.)

Mr. Green Trips the Light Fluorescent
Mr. GreenMr. Green is quite the lightning rod these days. Does his cheerleading for fluorescent lighting lead to increased mercury pollution? Can he come to grips with Ikea? Will he rescue a couple torn apart when the lights go out (or stay on)? And what's with that annoying fluorescent buzzing? The controversy is non-stop when it comes to Mr. Green and his mailbag.

Fluorescent Light Bulbs: Knowing How to Let Go
ZoomerGreat, now you've got all these burnt-out fluorescent bulbs because of guys like Mr. Green. But if you just throw them away, they might leak mercury. And there's no Ikea around to take them. (You'll have to read Mr. Green to know why we mentioned Ikea.) What can you do? Find the answer on Zoomer, where you can click on "recycling" to find out where in your neighborhood to take those old bulbs and other household items that have worn out their welcome.

ZoomerGoing Downhill
Want to figure out more ways to conserve fuel?

Cartoonist Ted Rall has some suggestions that might come in handy.

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Generation Gap

Leave mom and dad at home and join us for our ninth annual Just for Grandparents and Grandkids week at the Clair Tappaan Lodge. All grandpeople age six and up are welcome. Hike the Pacific Crest Trail, learn about frontier history at Donner Pass, and picnic, swim, kayak, and play to your heart's content.

Dates: July 23-28
Price: $395 child/$495 adult

For information on our other 350 trips, visit Sierra Club Outings.

Just for Grandparents and Grandkids
An Inconvenient Truth

Al Gore was hilarious in his recent appearance on Saturday Night Live, but there's nothing funny about his new documentary film An Inconvenient Truth, which opens in NYC and L.A. on May 24th. Advance tickets are available now. Pledge to see the film and find other cities where it's playing.

Film critic Emanuel Levy writes, "Elaborate graphics, statistics, compelling imagery, and personal commentary make the film much more than a dull academic treatise." If you need one more reason to see the movie: Paramount has recently announced that it will donate five percent of all box office receipts for An Inconvenient Truth to the Alliance for Climate Protection.

An Inconvenient Truth


Roots and Shoots

Jane Goodall tells Sierra Magazine how she's preserving habitats, protecting animals, and educating people: "There are many animal-welfare groups that sometimes seem to forget that human beings are animals too, that we need to include them in our sphere of compassion."

Jane Goodall
Photos: Grandparents and Grandkids (Derek Bray) | An Inconvenient Truth (Paramount Classics and Participant Productions) | Jane Goodall (© David S. Holloway / Apix)