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Trouble on the Tundra: BP Shuts Down Alaskan Oil Fields
Smart Energy Summer: Save Gas, Lower Energy Bills, & the Truth About Coal
Senate Passes Offshore Drilling Bill
Fighting to Save One of America's 11 Most Endangered Places
Blog Watch: Ideas for Transforming Tomorrow
EXPLORE: How Healthy is Your Water?
ENJOY: Dog Days of Summer Photo Contest!
PROTECT: Save Alaska's Teshekpuk Lake
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Sierra Club InsiderAugust 15, 2006
Trouble on the Tundra
pipelineBP recently shut down its oil fields at Prudhoe Bay in Alaska after discovering corroding pipelines and leaking oil. You've seen the headlines and maybe felt a change at the gas pump, but were you really surprised? This latest incident is stark proof of what many Americans have long suspected: There is no such thing as "clean" or "environmentally gentle" oil drilling. Yet that isn't stopping Congress from moving forward with plans to give Big Oil -- with its abysmal safety record not to mention billions in profits -- access to our coastal waters and the pristine Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Sign our petition telling Congress to use the BP incident as another reason to break America's oil addiction and embrace smart energy solutions that promise a cheaper, smarter, cleaner, and more reliable energy future.

Ask Umbra

Summertime and the Savings Are Easy
MPG CalculatorThe Sierra Club's MPG Calculator is any easy way for you to find out how much money you would save if you switched to a more fuel-efficient car. Lately, it's been kind of popular. How popular? Well, if you everyone who's used the calculator this summer actually went ahead and made the switch, we reckon the savings would amount to $3,889,472 annually.

And speaking of savings, this is probably a good time to check on whether you might not be able to save energy and money by doing an energy audit of your home. Try the Department of Energy's online Home Energy Saver tool -- it will calculate energy use and savings opportunities based on your location and answers you provide about your home.

Coal Rush MapThe Sierra Club will be featuring information on energy issues and solutions through the summer on our Smart Energy Summer website. This week, we're posting information on coal and why it's a bad choice for America. Our Coal Rush Map will show you where new polluting coal-fired power plants have been proposed. Out of the entire electric industry, coal-fired plants contribute 96 percent of sulfur dioxide emissions, 93 percent of nitrogen oxide emissions, 88 percent of carbon dioxide emissions, and 99 percent of mercury emissions.


Senate Passes Offshore Drilling Bill
offshore drillingInstead of adopting smart energy solutions that will help wean Americans off oil and save us money at the pump, the U.S. Senate recently voted to open eight million acres off the shores of Louisiana, Florida, Mississippi and Alabama to destructive oil and gas drilling.

That's just plain wrong...and that's why we need your help.

The Sierra Club is working hard to lead the fight for clean energy...and we need your immediate support to push Congress to embrace smart energy solutions that will really solve our energy problems -- not just implement Big Oil's drilling agenda.

Instead of increasing oil drilling, Congress could be raising the fuel economy of our cars, encouraging the use of renewable energy like wind and solar power, and adopting other, existing technologies that cut pollution and curb global warming.

Be part of the solution. Help us protect our beautiful coasts and implement smart energy solutions that will work! Please provide a much needed contribution today.

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Fighting to Save a Battlefield
Blair MountainIt was 85 years ago that the largest armed conflict since the Civil War -- between coal miners and federal troops -- took place in the mountains of West Virginia in Logan County. The Battle of Blair Mountain, as it's known today, proved to be a pivotal event in the labor movement, building solidarity that later helped the union organize the coalfields. Today, Blair Mountain faces a devastating new challenge: mountaintop-removal mining.

The Sierra Club and local volunteers are working to stop the pending obliteration of what the National Trust for Historic Preservation has placed on its list of America's 11 Most Endangered Places.

Read more about the fight to save Blair Mountain in The Planet.

Blog Watch: Ideas for Transforming Tomorrow
Worldchanging.comWant to change the world but don't know what to do? Let's put our heads together, why don't we. That's pretty much the idea at Worldchanging, a blog where green tech enthusiasts can join forces to envision a new dawn -- not in some distant future, mind you, but starting now. The site's slogan: Another world is here.

The fare at Worldchanging is fairly heady stuff, most of it steeped in the futurist's lexicon. Discussions revolve around things like "leapfrog technologies," "regenerative design," and "biomimicry." As with the best blogs, the comments are often as thoughtful and well-reasoned as the initial posts. Worldchanging may not be for everyone, but for many people -- big thinkers and incessant tinkerers alike -- it's just the ticket.

The Worldchanging team is even helping the Sierra Club pick winning technologies -- 10 innovations that can help save the world. Any ideas?

Not a Club Member? Join Now and Help Protect Endangered     and Threatened Wildlife and Preserve the Places You Love

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Up the Creek, Lake, and Ocean

Excess nutrients from farm animal waste, fertilizers, human sewage, cars, coal-burning power plants, and storm water runoff from sprawling development and highways can have a destructive impact on our nation's waterways -- from Hawaii to Vermont. Check our mouseover Sick Waters map to see what we mean. Then, take action to demand protection for all of our nation's waters.

Sick Water Map
Dog Days of Summer

Is your dog (or cat or rabbit or horse or llama or other critter) cute? Of course your dog (etc.) is cute! So send us the proof. Send us a picture of you and your best friend enjoying the outdoors. We'll pick the five best photos and then let everyone vote for their favorite at summer's end.

Dog Days of Summer


Stop the Lease Sale Now

The Bush administration and Big Oil continue to charge ahead with plans to drill in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and the environmentally sensitive Teshekpuk Lake area, to the west of Prudhoe Bay. The Teshekpuk Lake region is home to irreplaceable wildlife habitat that supports hundreds of thousands of migratory birds, caribou herds, and Native Alaskan cultures.

Please urge the Department of the Interior to stop the planned oil and gas lease sales around Teshekpuk Lake.

Save Teshekpuk Lake
Photos: Pipeline (NPS) | Blair Mountain (Comeron Davidson)