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You Can Call Him Alberto: Interview with Former V.P. Al Gore
Loser Squared: Is Your Representative an Environmental Loser?
Dog Days of Summer Photo Contest
Score One for the Sequoias: Victory for the Giant Sequoia National Monument
Blog Watch: Taking Stock of Katrina, One Year Later
I Want My MPG: The Wrap-Up
EXPLORE: International Departures
ENJOY: Chronicles Season One Now on DVD
PROTECT: Real Leadership to Protect our Families from Mercury Pollution
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Sierra Club InsiderAugust 29, 2006
You Can Call Him Alberto
Al GoreBack in June, we caught up with Al Gore. At the time, the former vice president's movie, An Inconvenient Truth, had just opened to rave reviews, and the companion book was headed for the top of the New York Times best-seller list. Despite his hectic schedule, Gore took the time to answer questions about his newfound stardom, President Bush's unwillingness to face facts, and why Kyoto wasn't ratified during the Clinton years. The resulting Q&A can be found in the September/October edition of Sierra magazine. You can also listen to a short audio outtake from the interview -- it helps to remember that Tropical Storm Alberto had just had made landfall in the Florida Panhandle.

Got Mercury? It's toxic. Get Tested.

Loser Squared
Two-Time Losers"The left promotes conflict. That is the tenet of communism and of the environmental movement. I want to get the top national scholars to dissect the environmental movement, identify who the left-wing leaders are, their political connections, how they get their funding, what tax laws they take advantage of, then change the game and attack them."

Ladies and Gentlemen, meet the ethically challenged and eco-hostile Representative John Doolittle. The California Republican is just one in a rogue's gallery of "Two-Time Losers" profiled in the latest Sierra. These are legislators who have distinguished themselves not by their leadership, but rather with a stunning combination of corruption and environmental callousness. What's the connection? In a word: Money.

Find out if your representative is among the losers.

Sierra Club Outings

Dog Days of SummerDog Days of Summer
With the hottest days past and the Dog Star fading, it's nearly time to wrap up our Dog Days of Summer contest. But there's still time to submit a picture of your pooch (or Persian or parakeet or pet of any sort for that matter – we're defining dog quite liberally here). The finalists will be chosen and voting will begin with the next edition of the Insider -- stay tuned!

Score One for the Sequoias
SequoiaFor the last six years, the Bush administration has been trying to turn Giant Sequoia National Monument into a tree farm. Well, the trees -- with a little help from the Sierra Club -- finally had their day in court. And they won. A federal judge ruled that the Bush administration's controversial plan to allow commercial logging in Giant Sequoia National Monument is illegal. "The Forest Service's interest in harvesting timber has trampled the applicable environmental laws," wrote Judge Charles Breyer, adding that the "Monument Plan is decidedly incomprehensible." The Forest Service must now return to the drawing board. The Sierra Club would like to thank everyone who made their voice heard in this important victory.

BlogWatch: Taking Stock of Katrina, One Year Later
Katrina damageOn the first anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, Sierra Club Executive Director Carl Pope reflects on the bitter lessons, botched opportunities, and remaining challenges that lie ahead for New Orleans and the Gulf States. Writing in his blog, "Taking the Initiative," Pope says: "We should have been inspired to demand more from our leaders. Instead, we've made only patchy progress, and we're nowhere near to meeting the human and environmental challenges. Why?" Read his thoughts here.

I Want My MPG: The Wrap-Up
We're winding up our Smart Energy Summer with the news that more than 6,500 people visited the Sierra Club's "I Want My MPG Calculator" to learn how much they would have saved in terms of both fuel costs and global warming emissions if their car, truck or SUV got 40 miles per gallon. Collectively, the savings amounted to 4.9 million dollars and 500 million pounds of global warming emissions. While 40 mpg may sound like a lot, the technology already exists to make it reality. So, before we even think about drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, let's drill under Detroit. More oil wells aren't the answer: Ingenuity is.

MPG Calculator

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International Departures

The new 2007 international trip line-up is here! Raft a river in far-eastern Russia, hike across the Dolomites in Italy, explore Ecuador from the Galápagos to the Amazon, or choose from more than 50 other global excursions.

Whatever you do, don't wait too long, our most popular trips sell out quickly!

Find your International Departure.

International Outings
Chronicling Heroism

The first season of Chronicles, the Sierra Club's documentary TV series, is now available on DVD. Hosted by actress, activist, and environmentalist, Daryl Hannah, the show focuses on the efforts of everyday people in David v. Goliath struggles to protect their communities and right environmental wrongs.

Sign up to host a house-party to screen Chronicles for your friends, and we'll send you a complimentary copy of the 30-minute episode of your choice so that you can help share these inspiring stories. Or, you can order the entire first-season on DVD. And check out our website for tools to help you take action.

Sierra Club Chronicles


Got Mercury?

Toxic mercury could be affecting the health of your family. It is estimated that one in six women in America have unsafe levels of mercury in their system. High mercury levels are especially hazardous to women of childbearing age, whose babies may be at risk of learning disabilities and other developmental problems. Despite that fact, the Bush administration is now trying to weaken mercury regulations. Please take a few minutes now to sign our mercury petition. Tell your governor to oppose the Bush mercury plan and provide real leadership in protecting our families from toxic mercury.

Photos: Gore (Eric Lee/Paramount Classics) | Two-Time Losers (Victor Juhasz) | Outings (Gene Goldberg)