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International Issues
International Team

The goal of the International Team is to assist in the empowerment of communities globally to protect their environment and that of the global commons so they in turn can change the downward trends affecting the world's ecosystems The focus of NGO (Non Governmental Organization) empowerment will continue to focus on China, India Western Ghats (in conjunction with Club India Program )as well as those NGOs globally that request the Club's assistance and for which we have the capacity to respond. Depending on the countries involved, there will be different goals based on the NGOs interest, skills etc. and based on who will be doing the local work.

The International Team will also be sharing new insights from others with whom it works globally, to inform other Club entities so they in turn can make a better contribution to reverse the global downward trends. The Team will encourage other Club entities to be involved with the international implications of their issue work, working in turn across issue areas when relevant. The IT will provide expertise, skills and knowledge to such entities as part of an interdisciplinary team to address given situations. This includes working with the US-Canada International Committee on cross border issues to engage the appropriate issue team, campaign, program or chapter. In any situation where the IT deems it needful of the Club's direct involvement, but without a corresponding established Club entity to address it, the Team will seek issue experts through the Club resource outlets such as their own network of experts, the Online Activist Network, volunteers and staff and will work together to take action toward strategically resolving the issue.

The purpose of the International Team is to:

  • Make sure the Club activists, members and public have access to the best possible information and consulting on environmental and related international matters
  • Identify and communicate about the opportunities to make progress towards the team's goals
  • Increase diversity in the Club
  • Increase international activism by Club activists
  • Assist in the coordinating Club entities actions on international matters
  • Initiate international actions in coordination with relevant Club entities as needed
  • Assist the Club in developing new expertise on international environmental matters
  • Learn from and share Club experiences with those in other countries

The scope of the International Team's work is assisting existing Club entities to strategically engage on an international level for their issues, if already not doing so, and to strategically engage on important, prioritized international issues in the Club's name.

International Team roster:
Michele Perrault (Chair)
Lowell Smith
Jim Diamond
Rebecca Falkenberry
Bill Futrell
Amanda Leung
Ann Ehrlich
Janet McGarry

We publish a monthly newsletter, INTERNATIONAL ACTIVIST, dealing with some of our activities as well as international work by other activists. If you’d like to subscribe, send an e-mail to with "sub international activist" as a subject line or in the body.

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