Get Outdoors

 Maine Chapter Outings


Helping people get outside to enjoy Maine's spectacular natural places is a critical part of our mission.  People protect what they know and love, and there's so much to love about Maine's forests, lakes, mountains, and seaside.  Our guided hikes, canoe and camping trips, and natural walks are free, safe and fun for people of all ages including children. Non-members welcome (sorry no dogs).  Participants will be asked RSVP and sign a standard liability waiver. 

For more information and to find out about our upcoming Outings, contact Bill Briggs

For a list of national outings and events go the Sierra Club National Outings page.

If you have suggestions for outings events or places to go in Maine, we would love to hear them!  Just give us a call at 207-761-5616 or email us.

How to become an Outings Leader

John Muir, Sierra Club's first president, encouraged us to "do something for wildness and make the mountains glad."  Lots of activities qualify as outings: a nature walk, a bike ride, skiing, a canoe or kayak trip, a scramble up a hill or mountain, a beach clean up, a tour of an area threatened by development, a bird survey...whatever you are interested in, you can be sure other people are too! 

Sierra Club Maine Chapter will conduct an Outing Leaders Training upon request.  We welcome and offer support for new outings leaders.  

There is a 3-step process to become a certified outings leader:

  1. One day of Sierra Club training.  Depending on the location of those interested in this leader training, we will travel to where the most people are located.

  2. Red Cross or similar First Aid & CPR certification.

  3. Supervised first hike by a certified Maine Chapter outings leader.   

 To inquire about becoming an Outings Leader, email us or call 207-761-5616.  Thanks!