Transit to Green Space

Checking train schedules

What is Transit to Green Space?

Transit to Green Space outings are a series launched by the Land Use and Transportation committee of the Sierra Club North Star Chapter in an ongoing exploration of ways to reach our parks and natural areas without cars.

Why we are doing them:

  • To promote transit as a less polluting, less resource-consuming means of reaching natural areas than multiple individual cars;
  • To create practical “How to do it” write-ups to encourage use of transit;
  • To counter the one-sided dominance of car and road talk in the media, where transit users, transit destinations, transit stories of all types are practically nonexistent;
  • To champion access to our green spaces for all people, including those who don’t own cars or who can’t drive.

Maps and Tips for Your Trip

Check out our new, foldable, pocket-size Great Transit Trips to Parks map! 

After you get ideas for next adventure from the Transit to Green Space blog, plan your next adventure at Transit and Trails website and app, or the Metro Transit Trip Planner.


Our Transit to Green Space outings generally are to parks and green space in the Twin Cities and the surrounding suburbs. Here's a list of some of our favorite outings to date, you can find a full list of where we've been and descriptions on our blog!

On the light rail!
Springbrook Nature Center
Lebanon Hills
Lebanon Hills Regional Park
Midtown Ecoyard
Midtown Ecoyar
Crosby Lake Park
Crosby Lake Park

Take Part!

If you've read through the blog and want to take part in our next outings, just contact the outing leader on the outing you're interested in! A full list of Transit to Green Space outings can be found on our North Star Chapter calendar on our home page!