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I was honored to speak at the Fight for 15 rally in Berkeley today. Here's what I told them...
The Brazilian surfer girl on bravery, a borrowed board, and the beauty of being fully present on the biggest of waves.
It's a farewell to arms for California sea stars.
As it turns out, gear made from unexpected materials can be unexpectedly versatile.
Wait: The guy who made this "Mad Max" sequel glorifying internal combustion is the same guy who did "Happy Feet?"
A sweat lodge ceremony and a long hike provide solace to soldiers who've returned from war.
Matthew Kearns: Offshore wind energy activist, former member of the Sierra Club Long Island Group's executive committee, long-distance runner.
With rallies, protests, lobbying, and letter-writing campaigns, Pennsylvania Sierra Club activists have been working to rein in their state's fracking juggernaut.
Male Anna's hummingbirds become fiercely territorial at the start of the breeding season.