The fight to protect the Arctic Ocean goes on

Tell President Obama that we won't back down. It is time to come to his senses, stop all drilling and future leases, and give our pristine Arctic Ocean the protection it deserves.

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After five years and a staggering $1.2 billion, the Kalamazoo river may look clean, but no one can say for certain how much oil remains trapped in its sediments or what its long-term effects might be.
Hundreds of thousands of coal workers are losing their jobs. Labor and enviros together can bring about a just transition for them and their communities.
Wisconsin and Florida officials adopt the bureaucratic equivalent of sticking their fingers in their ears and saying "la la la."
Now a successful solar entrepreneur, in 1979 15-year-old Larry Hoang was one of the "Vietnamese boat people."
Paddling among gators and very colorful locals on the Big Bend Saltwater Trail.
Why transmission beacons are a boon and a burden for search-and-rescuers.
In a little-known pocket of India, jungles and communities have been leveled by decades of power plant development.
You rarely drive 200 miles at a time, but with fast-charging systems, electric vehicles are there for you when the road beckons.
Exploring the red rocks and canyons of the Greater Canyonlands region, perhaps our next national monument?