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Lodges and Huts

Letters of Peter Grubb
August 30, 1935

Dear Grandpa,

In answer to your letter concerning the maps I am enclosing, the map with the trip charted on it, and also I have included a description taken from my diary. We have just returned from Crater Lake, a grand trip. We went up the beautiful Redwood highway and came back via Shasta and Trinity County.


I left, with a bunch of 8 other boys, Big Meadows at 6:30 o'clock July 7, for a peak climbing excursion. As you will note I have it marked on the map. The trail took u s through Poison Meadow to Jenny Lake for lunch, thence to J. O. pass. There our party separated and 4 of us went on and climbed Kettle Peak (10,038) (not difficult). From there we followed down the ridge to Profile Pt, near which we climbed quite a hard pinnacle 9,962 (unclimbed), then down thru Rowel Meadow thence to Horse Corral Meadow for the night with the club.

On the next day we took the regular trail down to Cedar Grove thence up to Kanawyers. Ted and I climbed Lookout Point (very easy) (8,547).

On the next day we just loafed around swimming and washing in the South Fork of the Kings. On the following day Kenneth May, Dick Johnson and myself went on ahead to scout a cross country trip for the whole party. We went up the hard pull to Granite Basin then on to Dougherty Meadows G. (2 miles) for the night. The next day we went up the trail to the top of the ridge and from there by direction of a typewritten copy and map made by Joe LeConte for use by us on the scouting trip. We went first to Horse Shoe Lakes, Windy Ridge Pass, (where the route crosses Windy Ridge), then we followed down a ledge into the South Fork at Cartridge creek, then up 2,000 feet up to White Pass and across Red Pass from there we looked down to Marion Lake, our destination. On the way back to our camp we climbed a peak. West of Marion unnamed and unclimbed (long day).

On the next day we returned to Granite Basin to meet the main party. On the following ___ the three of us led party of 60 to Horseshoe Lakes and that same afternoon we climbed two unclimbed peaks shown on map as 12,200 and 12,500 (pass). The next day we again led parties to the South Fork of Cartridge Creek, that afternoon I took a party of 2 up an unclimbed peak which you will notice I have numbered 12,500 ft (precarious).

The next day 6 of us left the main party and knapsacked over to Marion Lake where we got caught in a terrible rain storm, but we got a shelter built for the night which was quite clear. Next day the main party arrived and it started to hail till everybody was soaked. That day two mules were killed when they broke legs coming down over Whites Pass thru deep snow. It cleared up again that night.

The next day 3 of us went with the main party to Cartridge Pass, then we climbed Mt. Ruskin (12,570) to the north of the pass. From it we came down our quite difficult route to the South Fork of the Kings river in a very bad hail and thunder storm and to keep clothes dry we took off our shirts and put them with the ropes in our knapsacks. It again cleared off that night. The next day the same 3 of us went up by Lake Marjory to Pinchot pass from where we climbed Mt. Pinchot (13,471) and returned where we were again caught in a hail storm.

The first two weeks party then went down Woods Creek while we went on to Woods Lake. For the next two days we did nothing but wash and bathe. On the third day I went up with a group of climbers to Sawmill pass. At the pass we separated into 4 parties one of which I was leader. We climbed in all 5 pinnacles, none of which had ever been climbed before. Then I went with another boy and we climbed together 4 pinnacles which were quite difficult. All these pinnacles are situated on the main Crest just South of Colosseum Mts.

On the next day Neil M. Ruge and myself started out across country to climb Mt. Baxter en route. The route up the mountain was quite steep and tiresome, but it did not require ropes. Upon reaching the summit we changed our shoes and went out to the viewpoint which was quite a well known point from which to see Owens Valley. It was on that point from which we saw the mountain sheep and tried to trace them down the mountain side to take pictures, but were unsuccessful.

We then returned to the summit for lunch, then down Baxter Creek to the trail and Rae Lakes. The next day was a rest day. Following that we had a long trip up Mt. Clarence King (difficult). It was the best mountain I have ever climbed. On this trip I was very lucky to receive the assistant leadership. On the next day mwe climbed Fin Dome (quite a climb). The next day we went out over Glenn Pass to Violette Meadows. On the day after that I went up Bubbs Creek for a view of the Kearsage Pinnacles and climbed 5, 2 at which were first ascents, all difficult.

On the next day we went down Bubbs Creek then up Sphinx Creek for the night. On the following day another boy and myself made an unsuccessful attempt on the Sphinx. Next day we went to Scaffold Meadow where another boy and myself picked up our dunnage and knapsacked into Big Meadow; 22 miles, the whole day. Hope you are all fine.

Love from Peter

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