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Lodges and Huts

Maintenance Work Parties: Gear

The following is a simple list of personal gear to bring for a hut work party.

Sleeping bag: Get one adequate for 32 degrees F.

Sleeping pad: It'll soften the floor in the loft or the ground outside.

Ground cloth: It'll keep your sleeping gear dry and (relatively) free of dust.

Backpack: Bring one that's big enough to carry your gear and a share of the common equipment.

Eating utensils: Get at least a spoon and cup.

Water bottle: Get one that holds one liter -- that should be enough.

Flashlight: It'll help on moonless nights.

Toilet articles: You'll need a facecloth, toothbrush, etc.

Work clothes: Bring a shirt and pants that you don't mind getting dirty.

Footgear: Hiking boots are best, but running shoes can suffice. Also bring comfortable socks.


The following seasonal items will depend on whether it's warm, cold, sunny, cloudy, wet, or dry. Expect weather in the mountains to be colder and wetter than weather at low elevations (e.g., the San Francisco Bay Area or Sacramento). Expect the sun at 7,000' elevation to be more intense.

Headgear: A baseball cap or straw hat protects against sun early in the season, and a wool hat may be better as the weather gets cooler.

Raingear: Bring at least a poncho for protection against wind, rain, or snow.

Sunscreen, sunglasses, etc.: These are especially advisable for work parties in June-September, but good at any time of the year.

Insect repellent: It'll keep the bugs away, especially in June-July.

Warm clothing: Wool and synthetics protect best when it's cold and damp. Avoid cotton items if possible.


You can consider the following to be optional.

Work gloves: If you have a pair of work or garden gloves at home, bring those. The Club has loaners, but you may find yours to be more comfortable.

Safety glasses or goggles: If you have a pair at home, bring those. The Club has loaners, but you may find yours to be more comfortable.

Shorts, swimsuit: Bring these if it suits the weather, your interests, and your preferences.

Water purification: The leader will make sure there is purified water for drinking. If you have your own system, you may get water more quickly by bringing it.

Tent or bivouac sack: You can almost always sleep in the hut, but it's often more pleasant to enjoy the cooler air and stars outside. If the weather is questionable, a tent or bivvy sack provides protection against moisture and wind.

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