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The March - 11:30 am, Sunday, September 21
Assembly Location: Central Park West, between 65th and 86th streets.
Enter on 65th, 72nd, 77th, 81st, or 86th street.

March Route:

- The march will begin at 11:30 am.
- March down Central Park West and go east on 59th Street
- Turn onto 6th Ave. and go south to 42nd Street
- Turn right onto 42nd Street and go west to 11th Ave
- Turn left on 11th Ave. and go south to 34th Street
- End Location: 11th Ave. in the streets between 34th Street and 38th Street

The Lineup: The Story of a New Climate Movement

We want to make sure the People's Climate March tells the story of today's climate movement in all its parts - so we're trying something new, and arranging the contingents of the march in a way that helps us thread our many messages together.

If you're simply looking to march through the streets of New York with more people than have ever come together before to demand action on climate change, head to 86th St. and Central Park West.

The People's Climate March -- Be a part of history and join the March!


Most importantly, bring everyone you know! Help make history with the largest climate march ever!

Bring things that help communicate the message:
- Make your own signs and banners and t-shirts and flags -- be creative.
- Carry signs or banners that let people know where you are from -- what organization, what city or state, what country. For help -- download our graphics here!
- Remember: only cardboard tubing or string can be used to carry signs, banners, flags, etc.
- Music that does not need amplification is encouraged.

Items to bring that will make your day more comfortable:
- Bring some light food and drinks -- it will be a long day.
- Wear comfortable shoes for the march and more.
- Check the weather a day or two before you come and dress appropriately.
- If it’s going to be a sunny day, bring sun screen and a hat!

What NOT to bring:
- Do not bring any amplified sound systems.
- Do not bring signs, banners or flags that are carried on wooden sticks or metal rods, only cardboard tubing or string is allowed.
- Do not weigh yourself down with unnecessary clothing or other items that you will have to carry all day long -- travel lightly.