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Great Bear Rainforest Threatened

Hot or Not?

Why we know global warming is here and how industry has created the illusion of 'uncertainty'


How is it that all the top climate scientists agree that global warming is real, but the story that keeps getting told is that there's uncertainty?

In an interview with the Planet's Timothy Lesle, climatologist Steven Schneider explains that the uncertainty stems partly from the way the media covers science like politics -- where they balance two sides. But in science, "there aren't two sides."

"They'll take an IPCC [International Panel on Climate Change], which is 300 scientists working three years, three rounds of reviews, a hundred governments fighting to make sure the language is honest and fair, and then they'll give equal weight to two guys funded by OPEC or by the oil industry."

Schneider also clarifies how natural climate fluctuation "rides up on top of" the global warming trend created by burning fossil fuels, how U.S. companies can make money being efficient, and what citizens can do in their own home and community. MORE

Judgement Day at Hand for
Arctic Refuge

Tight vote expected as Club targets Republican moderates


Maine's two senators, Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe, consider themselves champions of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. They have voted several times against bills to oil drilling in the refuge and they joined the filibuster against it in 2003.

But Maine Sierra Club organizer Maureen Drouin says that because Bush administration allies in Congress snuck projected revenues from Arctic drilling into the $2.5 trillion budget reconciliation bill -- which also includes provisions affecting Maine's struggling shipbuilding industry and medicare program -- Collins and Snowe could end up tipping the balance in favor of drilling.

Of course Maine's two senators aren't the only ones who hold the Arctic Refuge's fate in their hand. The budget bill vote, expected in late September, will be close. "We can win," says Melinda Pierce, who's leading the Club's efforts to protect the Arctic. "A growing group of moderate Republicans have pledged to oppose a final budget bill if it has Arctic drillling in it." MORE


Playing the 'Infinite Game' --
the Game We Get to Play Forever

Visionary Designer Bill McDonough
Thinks Big and Small


Sierra Summit 2005 master speaker Bill McDonough thinks big: he's designing seven new cities in China. McDonough also thinks small: he's designing "cradle-to-cradle" packaging for bread.

Cities, bread -- they're not so different to him. They're all part of what he calls the "Next Industrial Revolution," which includes projects like textile factories where the water coming out is cleaner than the water coming in, and sewage treatment plants that generate revenue by becoming fertilizer factories.

"Our technological goal is quite simple," he says. "We seek a delightfully diverse, safe, healthy, and just world -- with clean air, soil, water, and power; economically, equitably, ecologically, and elegantly enjoyed. Period. Now, what part don’t you like?"

Read more his "cradle to cradle" approach to materials and energy, his energy-saving tips for consumers and homeowners, and his search for the "infinite game -- the game we get to play forever" in an wide-ranging interview with the Planet.


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