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Happy Groundhog's Day!
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Monday, February 1, 2016
A holiday that combines rodents, superstition, and meteorology? We’re in.
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Last Friday, the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed a settlement Sierra Club and other environmental groups reached with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that establishes a timeline for the agency to issue regulations ensuring that polluters - not taxpayers - pay to clean up their toxic messes.
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January 26 was a day of tense emotions, ranting locals, and unwavering environmentalists. The downtown public library in Salt Lake City, Utah, was an eight-hour roller coaster of public outcry vs. support for the Beehive State’s widespread coal industry. Concerned citizens and members of environmental groups fought back, claiming the coal boom results in the state’s equally widespread haze and smog industry that coats the landscape eight out of every ten days in many of the state’s iconic...
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Residents of San Luis Obispo and others from throughout California, including Sierra Club activists, went head to head with the city's Planning Commission over whether or not the Phillips 66 rail spur at Nipomo’s Santa Maria refinery was a favorable option for the local economy. The project had been out of the mainstream public eye leading up to the two hearings, with an environmental review process lasting over two years that underwent three different draft writings.
The first two days of public hearings on the proposal to bring trains bearing tar sands crude oil through California to the Phillips 66 refinery in Nipomo made dramatically clear the massive statewide opposition to the project.
Pick up your No Drilling VA Yard Sign today!Here are locations where you can pick up a sign:
Does oil and gas extraction on public lands matter in Texas? You bet it does, and you need to get involved.
TAKE ACTION: Call and/or email the Senate Transportation Committee and ask them to oppose fees on electric vehicles
Pollution from Utah's old economy is threatening to choke its  recreation-based future
Monday, February 8, 2016
Will vacationers still love Utah if they can't see it?
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North Carolina Beyond Coal supporters turned out in droves at last week's public hearing in Asheville to challenge Duke Energy's proposal to construct a natural gas plant in the place of a retiring coal-powered facility. North Carolina's energy policies are increasingly driven by the efforts of grassroots activists, like those involved with Beyond Coal, who use tactful organizing to kill dirty energy practices and jump start green development.
While New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo recently announced an important and much-needed phase-out of coal-fired power plants, New York has a way to go before it leads the pack cleaning up its transportation sector and supporting the transition to electric vehicles (EVs). While it has subsidized 500 of New York’s 1,200 charging stations through its Charge NY program and recently proposed funding for 900 more, it is inching forward. New York has yet to join other northeastern states that provide...
JOIN US ON FEBRUARY 3RD AND 4TH TO DEMAND A BETTER PLAN FOR COAL ASH STORAGEThe Tennessee Valley Authority is holding two public meetings this week that will help determine the future of coal ash storage in Tennessee.  We're asking Sierra Club members to attend and speak up for safe coal ash storage. 
The Backpack Section offers an annual Basic Backpacking Course in the spring. The course includes 8 evening classroom sessions plus 3 weekend backpack trips.
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In December 2015, Montana Governor Steve Bullock took a step forward in protecting the bison of Yellowstone National Park and the greater Montana plains. After years of activist organizing and public committee negotiations, hindered by departmental stalling and the two-steps-forward, one-step-back pattern that so often typifies government progress, American bison have been allocated 250,000 acres of year-round roaming space to the west of Yellowstone, plus 100,000 acres to the north for bulls.
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The water crisis in Flint, Michigan, is an unmitigated environmental and human health disaster. The democratic process did not fail the people of Flint; it was the willful public policy action and mandates created by state government alone that created this crisis. The Flint poisoning represents one of the worst environmental public health crises since Love Canal—and it was entirely avoidable.
south-sound-calendarSouth Sound Sierra Club collaborates with other organizations to plan major events protecting our environment. Let us know if you can help.Tues Feb 09, 2016 8 AM First CarbonWA I-732 hearing. John Cherberg Bldg, 304 15th Ave SW, Olympia, WA 98501. 1st floor Senate hearing room #4.
The body--say and put whatever you want here.
MICHIGAN CHAPTER 2015 YEAR IN REVIEWAddressing Climate ChangeCitizen EngagementEnvironmental JusticeNatural Resource ProtectionProtect and Restore the Great Lakes EcosystemEnjoy and Explore!
Endorsements, New Leadership, and a Nasty Coal Mine Opens
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Join Sierra magazine at Wilderness Outdoor Weekend! Experience the magic of nature and elevate your senses for an entire weekend of outdoor activities right outside of Tahoe, CA.
The push for cleaner transportation is as much about cleaning our urban air as it is preventing global climate disruption.  Zero emission buses (ZEBs) offer a great way to get people where they want to go, while reducing the number of vehicles on the road to create safer streets for pedestrians.  They also present a huge opportunity to slash pollution in our more vulnerable communities where diesel & hybrid-diesel buses most frequently operate.
Massachusetts Chapter and National Staff
A class for experienced backpackers introducing lightweight and ultralight backpacking.
Phoenix, AZ – Today, more than 160 people from 26 legislative districts from around the state gathered at the Arizona State Capitol to meet with their state legislators to encourage support for environmental protection. This year’s Environmental Day theme was Water is Life and participants discussed “A Conservation Vision of Arizona’s Water Future” with more than 60 state legislators and also delivered the conservation vision to Governor Ducey’s office.
Alabama State Parks Under Threat Again
We're recommending books about how to clean your home in planet-friendly ways.
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Wednesday, March 25, 2009
Check out our roundup of books about how to clean your home in planet-friendly ways.
Washington is home to some of the most beautiful and ecologically important wild places while also being on the tip of the spear in the fight to stop climate change. The Washington chapter of Sierra Club is hiring a Conservation Organizer to build grassroots power to challenge new fossil fuel infrastructure, build a renewable energy future for the state, and ensure we effectively address climate change.
The legislature is working to push a bill through that would make it easier to sell Wisconsin’s public water utilities and sewage systems to private companies.  AB554/SB432 has passed the full Assembly (on a voice-vote, so we don’t know who supported the bill) and is now awaiting approval from the Senate Committee.