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In our effort to promote a just future for all communities, our Healthy Communities Campaign has been working to educate and engage communities nation-wide. Our Memphis Environmental Justice program stands as a model for the exact type of coalition building and community engagement necessary to promote a healthy and sustainable future for all people.
by Neila Seaman, Chapter Director/LobbyistIt seems to happen every year during the waning days of the legislative session.  The days are long and the nights are longer as legislators debate appropriations bills.  Tempers flare and debate heats up.  This year’s session was no exception. 
The Bay Area needs your help to ensure that the 2016 elections pass strong environmental protections and get environmental champions into office. Here's how you can help:Make a DonationOnline donation page coming soon!Please mail your check made payable to "SF Bay Candidates PAC" (for candidate work) or "SF Bay Issues PAC" (for ballot measure work) to:
A few of the safe sources of beef, pork, poultry and dairy in Michigan. If it's not organic or from a known good farm then the meat and dairy you buy is from a factory farm.
Lay of the Land
Our National Parks are turning 100, and they’re starting to look a little grey. Fifty-four is not just the age of President Obama, it’s also the average age of a visitor to Yellowstone National Park. America’s parks and public lands belong to all of us, but we’re not all enjoying them.
By Jackie MinchewSince 2012, a growing number of oil and coal trains have clogged the rails from North Dakota and Wyoming to the Pacific Northwest, delaying traffic at rail crossings and polluting the environment. From diesel fumes and particulates in the air to blowing coal dust and oil leaks on the ground, they have negatively affected our quality of life in a variety of ways.
On a blustery spring Saturday 13 walkers showed up at Union Depot in downtown St. Paul for this circle tour of 5-6 miles. The Depot was chosen as the meeting point because of its location across from the last station on the Green Line light rail; as well as because many bus routes come here or pass nearby. And besides, it’s a convenient place to make a pit stop before starting a walk. The three parks we visited are Swede Hollow Park, Mounds Park and Swede Hollow Nature Sanctuary. And the “more...
Lay of the Land
On Saturday, April 16th, 2016, 200 acres caught fire in the Rocky Mountain Area of Shenandoah National Park.  This fire, which started out as a small event, has burned 10,376 acres of forest in a six-day period.  Fires like this one, and others which occur throughout the United States during fire season, illustrate the critical role Congress has in authorizing comprehensive fire funding legislation. Without the necessary resources, federal agencies struggle to coordinate and allocate manpower...
Click here to see a list of candidates and ballot measures endorsed by the Sierra Club.
Create a clean-energy future at home and support the Sierra Club by going solar. Sungevity makes choosing solar simple by providing customers with quotes that include cost, environmental impact, and energy-savings information. As a Sierra Club member or supporter, you get a $750 discount when you go solar and an additional $750 comes back to support your local Sierra Club chapter.
April 2016Sierra Club has taken a position of “does not support” on Initiative 732 (I-732) even though on its face it addresses a key environmental goal.
This page contains a link to sign up for all Group updates, as well as Chapter updates (including issue committees).
Alabama Students Learn about Environmental Justice First-Hand; Constitutional Amendment Lets Voters Protect Parks ; INFORMATION ON FEDERAL COAL LEASING PROGRAM HEARINGS KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE (DATE & TIME TO BE DETERMINED); PROCEDURE FOR SENDING MATERIAL TO THE ALABAMA SIERRAN; Don't miss any of the outings and events across Alabama this month
LNG, Dos Republicas, BLM Lease Updates, Plus So Much More!
Marquette County, Wisconsin is going to be a hot bed of activity this summer all centered around John Muir and the 100th Anniversary of the National Parks.  John Muir grew up in Marquette County on the little kettle lake he grew to love.  The land where the Muir family settled is truly the spark of land preservation for John, the great naturalist. As an adult, he tried to buy his  boyhood home land three times  to preserve its beauty.
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The following editorial, written by New Hampshire Sierra Club Director Catherine Corkery, appeared in the Laconia Citizen on March 31, 2016.Supreme Court Critical for Climate SolutionsIn an unusual intervention, the U.S. Supreme Court disappointingly granted a stay of the Environmental Protection Agency's Clean Power Plan, and in doing so, temporarily set aside the lifesaving health protections and clean energy economic growth that will come from reducing the power plant carbon pollution that...
Another Earth Day come and gone, marked this year by 175 countries officially signing on to the Paris climate change agreement. For me, Earth Day is an annual reminder of the never-ending nature of the David and Goliath battle conservationists engage in.
Eat Safe Fish (and Game) - Michigan Dept of Community Health listings of what's safe to eat and what's not. Many fish in Michigan should be eaten sparingly because of mercury (from burning coal) in fish. Mercury canot be trimmed away since it is throughout the fish.
Press Releases from the Sierra Club-John Muir Chapter from 2014
THE BEST LITTLE ROADWAYRex Burress Even though there are thousands of “best” little roadways in America, my present pick is the extension of Old Ferry Road that runs along the river for one mile from the Feather River Nature Center to the Diversion Dam in Oroville, CA.
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The wildlife committee advocates for the protection of wildlife (particularly special status species), wildlife habitat and movement corridors, and biodiversity in the face of pressures from the growing human population.
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This bill would restrict the DNR from doing its job to protect our airhttp://docs.legis.wisconsin.gov/2015/proposals/sb23 
Canadian Rockies  National ParksJuly 25th- July 31st 
NYC ICO Trip ReportDate: January 30, 2016Destination: Bear Mountain Park & Ice Skating RinkAgency: PS 127  
In February and April, the Sierra Club, Center for Biological Diversity, Texas Conservation Alliance, Clean Water Action, Dallas Water Utilities, Highland Village, Flower Mound, Denton, Irving, Lewisville, The Colony, other cities and organizations, and thousands of people succeeded in getting the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to...
Choose produce free from pesticides and herbicides.
HORROR IS A PRAYING MANTISRex Burress My son Ben is an astronomer/scientist at the Chabot Space and Science Center in Oakland, California. He is also a horror fan!
The Ohio Legislature is considering the adoption of House Bill 154 and Senate Bill 192, which would protect bicyclists from passing motorists. The cities of Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Toledo and 26 states all have adopted legislation requiring motorists to give bicyclists at least three feet of clearance when passing. Ohio should adopt a statewide Three Foot Rule today!