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For our Bi-annual Chapter Retreat, the Georgia Chapter has arranged an exclusive visit to Cumberland Island, Georgia's largest and southernmost barrier island! Cumberland Island home to over 9,800 acres of Congressionally designated Wilderness, and is famous for its pristine maritime forests, undeveloped beaches, wide marshes and rich history.
Lay of the Land
Earlier this year, Sierra magazine wrote about using high-tech surveillance gear, including cell phones, to catch illegal loggers. Thankfully, that’s not the only technological advance helping to combat this worldwide problem.
The Planet
On a cloudy day in Ohio’s capital, over 100 people from across the state gathered in front of the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) to encourage the Commission to continue to deny bailout requests filed by utility companies to allow their continued use of dirty coal plants -- cases that are being debated as you read this right now. Over the past 10 months, Ohio’s citizens have been fighting for an economy more strongly based in clean energy, but their own Governor, John Kasich, and the...
The Planet
Early this month, over 200 clean-energy activists, Sierra Club members, and solar power developers gathered at the State House in Boston to discuss the future of solar energy in Massachusetts. The hearing featured state energy officials and utility representatives, and covered the topic of net metering, a law that has propelled solar into some of the fastest growth of any industry during the recession.
Outings Committee Documents
The Guadalupe Regional Group is a regional group within the Loma Prieta Chapter of the Sierra Club. Our members are residents of the greater Santa Clara County. We advocate for policies protecting the natural environment, support candidates friendly to the environment and host events such as educational presentations, recreational outings and nature hikes. Our current campaign includes working with community partners to help clean up the Guadalupe River. We offer members the opportunity to...
Toxic air pollution is a serious threat to the Southeast Community in Newport News because of the amount of pollution released and the combination of environmental stressors. Assessing the air and monitoring its quality are vital to decreasing pollution and protecting public health.
Redwood City extending South to Northern Santa Clara County. Cool Cities Initiative, Save the Baylands/Stop DMB/Cargill’s Saltworks development, Outings, Hikes, Community Meetings, Movies, Teach-ins, Beach Cleanups, Transportation and Family Friendly activities.
Sierra Club Radio
This week on Sierra Club Radio: Ben Montgomery on his book Grandma Gatewood's Walk: The Inspiring Story of the Woman Who Saved the Appalachian Trail; Henry Nichols, author of The Galapagos; Avital Andrews shares green tips for the 4th of July weekend.
If you've ever felt confused, lost or generally bamboozled about getting started as an activist, this is your kit. The Sierra Club has released an activist toolkit for anyone who lives in the Consumers Energy service region. This handy guide will teach would-be organizers how to become a force for positive change in their communities. When is it appropriate to contact the newspaper to see if they will publish your op-ed? How can you get your environmental message on the radio? Should you use...
Last week, the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) released partial results of a poll they commissioned to gauge public opinion about the Environmental Protection Agency’s proposed new ozone standards. The headline of their press release, “More Americans Concerned with Economic Harm of Increasing Federal Regulations Than Environmental Benefit,” certainly caught my attention. This claim runs counter to most other national surveys we have seen recently, which demonstrate strong bipartisan...
Full schedule of speakers, workshops, breakout sessions, social events, outings and meals for the Wisconsin John Muir Chapter Sierra Club Autumn Assembly.
Coal is our country’s dirtiest energy source, from mining to burning to disposing of coal waste. Our campaign is uniting grassroots activists across the country to move America Beyond Coal.
Efforts to solve the climate crisis are unleashing a wave of innovation, entrepreneurialism and economic opportunity in the private sector. With growing uncertainty about the long term viability of fossil fuels and the decreasing cost of clean energy, Fortune 500 companies, institutional investors, money managers and others are taking notice.
Toxic pollution in Virginia has been ignored for too long
Our New Chapter Director, Awards Banquet, Plus Our Legislative Wrap Up and Much More!
Travel & lodging information for the Wisconsin John Muir Chapter Sierra Club Autumn Assembly - room and venue details with address and driving directions
Comments from the Chair, Robert W. Hastings:I was honored to be notified recently that I would be given a Special Service Award by the National Sierra Club at its September meeting in San Francisco. My membership in the Club dates back to 1982 when I joined the New Jersey Chapter, with later affiliations with the Louisiana (Delta) and Alabama Chapters. I soon realized that the contrast between environmentalism in the two areas is striking.
Each year, we take some time to look back at the previous year and recognize the great work of inspiring environmental activists and innovators from around our state with awards to show our appreciation. Our award categories inspire nominations to honor not only Sierra Club volunteers and staff, but also other individuals and organizations who have done so much to defend, improve, and celebrate the Texas environment.
KXL and Bakken Oil pipeline - Click to learn where to send letters and objections.
By Judith Ferster, OCG Conservation ChairOn May 20, the Orange-Chatham Group heard speakers on two topics: first, a proposed light rail system, and then green jobs.
Green Alpha's Next Economy
We now live in a global economy with two fundamentally different types of energy: commodity-based in the form of fossil fuels and uranium, and technology-based, represented primarily by solar and wind. That observation is interesting as far as it goes, but what does it mean? The term renewable (as it pertains to energy) gets used so often that it is easy to forget what it really entails.
In the lead up to the COP21 climate negotiations in Paris later this year, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) is hosting intersessional meetings throughout the year. This blog is from the most recent meeting in Bonn, Germany.
Optional outings and tours for Sierra Club Autumn Assembly attendees.
Our monthly newsletter full of information about the Chapter's environmental efforts, Group outings highlights, and a regional roundup of news from across the Lone Star state.
By: Julia Von Alexander, Dave Cortez, and Mayté Salazar It’s hard to imagine 50+ years of oil, metal, appliances, and other trash strewn across Zilker Park, or barrels of waste atop Mt. Bonnell. It has been a longstanding tradition of Austin’s environmental movement to explore, preserve, and defend beautiful green spaces in and around our precious creeks and streams, many of which can be found west of Interstate 35. But what happens when similar green spaces located east of the highway are...
During our first NW IA Sierra Group hosted "4th Tuesdays" meeting, held in Spring of 2014, we developed a team of volunteers who are interested in sharing the love of nature and caring for our environment with families in the inner city area of Sioux City. We named ourselves the Urban Family Outreach team.
The Planet
On June 18, 2015, Pope Francis released his Encyclical, which addressed the ever-increasing issue our world has to face -- climate change. And in Georgia last week, in front of a small church called St. Timothy’s, we embodied Pope Francis’ ideal.
Sierra Club Outdoors
Clyde Gillette, the co-founder of the Utah Chapter, passed away on June 9 at the age of 88. Clyde is held in the utmost regard by all of us here in the Military Outdoors family, and the Sierra Club as a whole. He is an inspiration to all of us who share his sense of sense of adventure and love for the outdoors.
The Michigan Chapter is partnering with Michigan Solar Solutions, Solar Winds and McNaughton-McKay Electric Company to help Michigan Sierra Club members and supporters make their homes solar-powered!