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March 2015Give to the New Hampshire Chapter; Join us for Spring Cleaning; Earth Day events.
Action Alert SystemThis system is designed to help you, the Sierra Club member, keep informed on issues pertaining to our local Chapter as well as ones involving State and National. Simply log onto each Action Alert Site then select the issues that speak to you. You may act on all, some, or none of the issues. You are welcome to browse. The site will change periodically and be updated with new issues and categories.
Upper Columbia River has plenty of issues that need help resolving to better nurture nature and people.
Early history of the Upper Columbia River Group Sierra Club by Pete Wyman.
Upper Columbia River offers many opportunities to get involved in local projects and projects for the greater region. Have some ideas for projects in your local areas? Contact Us (link to form) with your creative ideas and we'll get right back to you.
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Maryland Heights residents and Creve Coeur Park user will be interested study by Maryland Heights Residents for Responsible Growth.
Energy that is simply renewable without being sustainable only exacerbates climate change and environmental degradation. The production of energy has to be sustainable, safe, clean and without environmental degradation. Wind and solar energy are the closest to that goal so far.
Photo by Janet Allen, Stewardship Garden
Cyrus Reed, Conservation Director,
Spokane Falls is the heart and historic foundation of the Spokane community, and a gathering place for Indian peoples for thousands of years. For nearly a century, the waterfalls went dry during summer and autumn months: water was diverted to generate electricity. In the process of relicensing five dams on the Spokane River, Avista, Sierra Club, and the Center for Environmental Law & Policy (CELP) agreed to restore aesthetic flows to Spokane Falls.
Rally on the Capitol steps! Green Army Water Festival
LeConte (1870-1950), son of Sierra Club charter member Joseph LeConte (1823-1901), a professor of geology and natural history at UC Berkeley. Joseph N. LeConte, known as "Little Joe," was also to become a University of California professor of mechanical engineering. He made his first photographs of Yosemite in 1889 where he later married his longtime mountaineering companion Helen Marion Gompertz (1865-1924), a teacher and charter member of the Club. LeConte has the distinction of having been...
Water Is Life - It's Sacred Deb Abrahamson - SHAWL Society http://www.Water-Life-Sacred.com Hear Indian elders, the salmon and generations unborn through Deb's voice. See the beauty of the Spokane Tribal land near the Spokane River shore through her eyes. Listen to Indian people anxiously awaiting and then celebrating salmon's return through Deb's heart
Upper Columbia River is actively involved in a host of conservation projects, both at the local level through out the Upper Columbia River region and at the regional level.Use the Contact Us form to send your creative ideas for conservation projects in you local area and for regional projects too.
The Transportation Team coordinates public support for public transportation with coalition partners and state agencies. Interested? Contact Team Chair Randy Bryan,  rbryan@softcopytechnologies.com.
by Sherman Bamford, Chapter Forest Issues Chair The hard work of the Sierra Club and other citizens’ groups has paid off.
Upper Columbia River's trail guides for hikes throughout the Inland Pacific Northwest. ...
CLICK HERE FOR TRIP PHOTOS!!March 21, 2015—Ward Pound Ridge, NY
The "Outings" section on the Sierra Clubs 'Clubhouse' website is a great resource for information, forms, and training for Outings Leaders and Participants.
The Georgia Sierra Club lobbies at the state Legislature in Atlanta to ensure that Georgia's environment is protected. This tracker is provided to help our members and supporters learn more about our work in the Georgia legislature, find out about the latest information on key environmental bills, and provide opportunities to take action.
The New Hampshire Chapter has a strong record for researching and endorsing candidates in each statewide election.Our Scorecards and Endorsements from past elections are available in PDF format.
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William Frederic Badè served on the Sierra Club board of directors for nearly three decades. He was the third President of the Sierra Club, serving for three years.
New Dams would enshrine water waste, taxpayer bailouts - and destroy Ancient Forest, Shrub-Steppe Habitat You are welcome to get involved with this issue.
TVA may import wind power from Texas, OklahomaTimes Free Press April 6th, 2015 by Dave Flessner 
By James KeoughWarren Olney was drawn to California by reports of spectacular mountain scenery. Born in Iowa, he had fought in the Civil War and studied law at the University of Michigan before journeying west in 1868, the year John Muir arrived in San Francisco.
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