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With the dog days of summer upon us, we find ourselves thinking of traveling to cooler destinations. Here are some ideas to get you started on an escape plan: Trailhead News Travel Assistant  
Sierra Club Water Policy can be found at: https://www.sierraclub.org/policy/water-policy
Gay and Lesbian Sierrans section history
As spring approaches, more peaks are snow-free which increases opportunities to work on the Great Basin Peaks list. Who will be out hiking in the great basin this season? The following members have provided their peak numbers to show their current progress:
An interactive online tool is available allowing you to view Bolin Creek Trail construction progess. Construction involves a tunnel under Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd, two bridges over Bolin Creek, many retaining walls, about one half mile of concrete trail, sidewalks and a pedestrian crossing. This work will enable safer pedestrian/bicycle travel from the Community Center (near University Mall) to Umstead Park without having to leave the trail.
NATURAL WONDERSLIVING OFF THE LANDRex Burress If you've ever watched “Bizarre Food” on the Travel Channel, with Andrew Zimmern touring the world and sampling exotic foods, you will know that food styles are different in other countries. “If it looks good, eat it” may not appeal to those adverse to eating snakes, scorpions, larvae, and lizards, but thus it is in protein-scarce Far East communities.
The Hike Rating system for Gay and Lesbian Sierrans
Press releases and statements from the Lone Star Chapter and Texas Beyond Coal Campaign.
The Special Service Award is given to the person or persons, members or non-members, who either on one or more occasions have performed a special service to the Sierra Club or to environmental protection.Past recipientsZac Trahan (2013)Sister Elizabeth Riebschlaeger (2012)Sharon Wilson (2012)Doyle Beneby (San Antonio) (2011)
Sierra Club is focusing on clean energy. As you can imagine, changing an energy model that was established over 100 years ago involves a lot of work with government, business leadership, and folks like you.Learn how you can help.View Video (2-minutes)
New Slower Paced Tuesday Night Hike
GLS Loma Prieta Email Lists: LOMAP-GLS-FORUM@lists.sierraclub.org, LOMAP-GLS-NEWS@lists.sierraclub.org, and LOMAP-GLS-LEADERS@lists.sierraclub.org
June 27, 2015--Delaware Water GapOn June 27th Ellis High school and ICO volunteers heads to the Delaware Water Gap for a day of rafting. A little rain wasn't keeping this group of youth and volunteers off the river. Gowned in yellow ponchos everyone clambers off the bus and gets ready for a fun trip down the Delaware river.
The Sierra Club and many other organizations signed a letter to the US Senate explaining why they oppose S. 1140, the so-called “Federal Water Quality Protection Act.” Contrary to its title, this legislation attacks clean water protections. In fact, this legislation would prevent implementation of a recently finalized rulemaking to clarify and restore Clean Water Act protections for countless water bodies, including streams that contribute to the drinking water of one in three Americans. The...
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Hermann Rudenberg Award - To be given to a Sierra Club member or other person who has worked diligently for the protection of Texas coastal resources. The award is named for its first recipient, Hermann Rudenberg of Galveston, who died in 1994.  He was a longtime coastal activist for the Sierra Club at the local, state and National level.Past recipients
The Art in Service to the Environment Award is given to an individual or group for an outstanding work of art in any medium or discipline in service to the environment. The award will be conferred only when merited.Past recipientsWomen and Their Work (2013)John Graves (Glen Rose) (2012)Marjorie Moore (Austin) (2011)
The Chapter Conservation Award is given to a Sierra Club member or members who have worked diligently during the past year on a particular issue or who have revitalized the conservation efforts of the Chapter or Group.Past recipientsMolly Rooke (2013)Roy Waley (2012)Vicki Baggett (2011)Dewayne Quertermous (2010)Pat Morris (2010)
The Ken Kramer Living Waters Award was created to honor Ken Kramer's thirty years of service as the Director of the Lone Star Chapter and his special dedication to the issues of water quality and water conservation over the course of his career. The award is to be given when merited to the member or person who has contributed significantly to the preservation or restoration of water quality or to implementing strategies for water conservation beneficial to people and the environment in Texas.
How to become a Loma Prieta GLS Hike Leader.
Nevada and eastern California have an abundance of open, public lands (in fact, about 81% in Nevada).  These lands enable residents and visitors to recreate in many different ways, provide the states with important economic benefits, and provide many vital public goods such as wildlife habitat, clean air and clean water.  Yet, public lands are increasingly under threat by those who unwisely believe the states can better manage these lands than the federal government.  The Toiyabe Chapter...
The Environmental Reporting Award is given to the reporter(s) in any media who have produced a series or single report which has provided exceptional coverage of an environmental issue. A volunteer award is given to a person or persons who has produced media projects or published Chapter or Group newsletters.Past recipients
The Phyllis Van Kerrebrook Award For Population is given to a Sierra Club member whose actions reflect Phyllis Van Kerrebrook's vision for the future where (1) the needs of the human population are in balance with the Earth's natural resources and (2) every child is a wanted child who is assured of inheriting a healthy and abundant Earth.
Evelyn R. Edens Award - Commemorates the work of this Fort Worth area environmentalist who passed away in February 1993. She worked in cooperation with others to create Save the Brazos and the annual Texas Meeting on the Outdoors and served on the executive committee of the Lone Star Chapter. The award, to be conferred only when merited, will honor river conservation efforts of individuals and groups.