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More than a year after voters passed a water bond that included $2.7 billion for storage projects, the state agency assigned to set the rules for distributing the storage money has given us hope.
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Climate Solutions from the Ground Up: Carbon Farming Wednesday, December 2, 7 – 9 PM First Presbyterian Church of San Anselmo, 72 Kensington Road, San Anselmo
Texas Coastal Bend Group action items and topics of interest.
Maryland’s Senator Ben Cardin is an original cosponsor of S. 2238, a bill that would, if enacted, prohibit the extraction of fossil fuels from America’s Public Lands.
Improve the quality of your involvement and achieve "big wins." No matter what the scope or focus of your campaign, a little planning can go a long way.
Guest blog post by Emily Rochon, MassSolar The legislature adjourned on Wednesday evening without agreeing to compromise solar legislation. This is both good news and bad news. The good news is that the extreme policy measures in the House bill won’t become law any time soon. The bad news is that net metering caps remain in place and will continue to prevent projects from moving forward in 171 communities.
WIRED TOGETHERRex Burress On a morning walk recently, a passing crow led me to look upward at the sky, and I was surprised at the multitude of power lines strung along the streets, particularly at Hammon Avenue and High Street in Oroville, CA.
Join us for an evening of intimate connection to Lake Tahoe! Nevada Museum of Art, Reno, Nevada. January 9, 2016, 6:00 PM. Tickets available at http://toiyabe-celebrates-tahoe.com
By Ben WeinerChapter Communications Fellow
Watch this incredible 360-degree video of the impacts of Climate Disruption
Nov. 21, 2015—Boonton Township, NJOn a cold morning ICO volunteers, school staff and teens met in front of Ellis High School to take a bus to Farny State Park in NJ. The ride was filled with the sharing of snacks, extra layers of clothing to stay warm, and introductions/conversation.
Cuomo Vetoes Port Ambrose LNG: Victory for our Coasts
The Black Mountain Hiking Section
Making sure our homes and buildings meet more efficient lighting, insulation, windows, and appliance standards is a sure-fire way to lower bills, reduce pollution from power plants, conserve water, and create jobs. Thankfully, the Texas Legislature and comptroller of public accounts seem to be moving in right direction.
Windmills - Like the Sierra Club national group, I am supportive of wind energy because it is much less destructive to the environment than traditional fossil fuels and, unlike them, is a sustainable source of energy. I have heard that some local Sierra Club members are not as supportive of wind energy, due to concerns about potential bird strikes from windmills. To look into that issue, I'd like us to become more educated about windmills and the environmental threats they pose here in CC.
Renewable energies are a significant and growing component of the State’s energy. PG&E, along with the other utilities, is trying to undermine the regulations that have been so important in developing and growing the State’s solar industry. Learn what’s happening and how to defend what we have.
Creek Week Cleanup
Cookville WetlandsSite PlanSierra Club Comments on NRS 14.305 Anti-Degredation Determination
Want to know a dirty little secret on how to help save the planet? California will allow ranchers to sell carbon credits by applying compost on their land. The results of new research in this area are dramatic. You can help by recycling more organic waste, by composting, and by urging others to do the same.
As you all know, on Monday night a group of white supremacist terrorists opened fire on Black Lives Matter protesters who were peacefully demonstrating in North Minneapolis, wounding five unarmed civilians.
The Maryland Sierra Club is thrilled to share our 2016 legislative priorities, and to ask for your help in achieving them! In January, our state legislature will come together for 90 days to vote on critical issues like education, the budget, and of course, the environment. And we will be there to greet them on day one - and every day after - to lobby, rally, educate and inspire them to protect Maryland's environment, from the Atlantic coastline to the Chesapeake Bay, from urban environments...
IN ECOSYSTEM, PLANNING Grading Rivers: Why? People create river report cards for many reasons, some of which are clearly and openly stated, some not. At least three fundamentally different intentions have driven recent report cards: 1. To attract attention to a river 2. To compare (objectively and/or quantitatively) multiple rivers 3. To initiate a discussion of new management or policy options
Link to PLAN2035:  http://www.plancc2035.com/#!plan-cc-second-draft/c1w41    Final Copy to be submitted October 13, 2015Corpus Christi City Council            1200 Leopard Corpus Christi, Texas RE:  PLAN2035 October 13 public comment
The Sierra Club’s founder John Muir pointed out that everything is connected, that “when we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe.” This rings especially true today. That’s why we’re proud to stand in solidarity with working people all over the country who are fighting for their right to living wages on a living planet. Today, fast-food workers are coming together from across the country, in more than 500 cities, to strike for $15-an-hour and...
Every person deserves a healthy community, which includes clean water, clean air and a stable climate. Every person also deserves equal protection under the law and freedom from discrimination. These issues are inextricably linked – they are necessary for a more just and livable future, for our planet and the people who inhabit it. For these reasons, the Sierra Club North Star Chapter stands in solidarity with Black Lives Matter Minneapolis and others including NAACP Minneapolis and...
The annual Christmas Bird Count in early December, and the Annual Bald Eagle Count in early January, have been organized by Chris Krusa the past few years. Chris will relinquish this responsibility this year and is asking that Piasa Palisades Group seek a volunteer with the knowledge and interest in Audubon and birding to replace him. The bird counts are fun and a great opportunity to get outdoors with like-minded members in support of this important Audubon program.
Would you like to get more involved with the Piasa Palisades Group?
Chapter Staff:  James Eggers, Chapter Director, james.eggers@sierraclub.org 650.390.9604
Everyone is invited to help raise funds for the group with the purchase of a 2016 Wilderness or Engagement Calendar. Each calendar is filled with beautiful nature photographs. They make lovely holiday gifts and help fund the Piasa Palisades environmental projects.