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Inspiring Connections Outdoors strives to provide safe, fun and educational outings for all participants. All volunteers undergo a thorough screening, and all trip leaders are certified in American Red Cross CPR and first aid.
Illinois has more sun power per square mile than Germany, the world’s leading producer of solar energy. Solar panels work in cold temperatures. Panels are actually a little more efficient when it’s cooler outside. They can work in snowy climates as well. You get the most solar power on a clear, sunny, day, but your panels won’t stop working when it’s cloudy. Solar panels protect and preserve the portion of the roof they cover.
As a volunteer for ICO, you are our most valuable asset. Volunteers are the backbone of our organization: planning and leading outings, managing equipment, helping with fundraising and, most of all, working with the kids to provide safe, fun and educational trips.  On the pages below you can learn how to help Madison ICO.
Outgoing Alamo Group Chair Peggy Day was not expecting to receive the group’s highest award at the club’s annual holiday party December 15. Making the award was Loretta Van Coppenolle, longtime Alamo Sierran, who urged Day to join the Alamo Group in 2008. Day joined that year and was immediately asked to join the executive committee, subsequently becoming Vice Chair. The following year she succeeded Lloyd Cortez as Chair and remained in that position until a few days ago. During the past year,...
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Pick up your No Drilling VA Yard Sign today!Here are locations where you can pick up a sign:
Totally hooked on bike commuting this summer, I welcomed the new challenge of taking on the Minnesota winter. So far it’s been well worth the effort—because a great ride, any time of year, helps me find balance between work and life. While the vehicles around me are jockeying with each other during the rush-hour hassle, I am cruising along, enjoying some of my favorite moments of the day. Nothing beats biking for relaxation, exercise, and helping the planet.
While New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo recently announced an important and much-needed phase-out of coal-fired power plants, New York has a way to go before it leads the pack cleaning up its transportation sector and supporting the transition to electric vehicles (EVs). While it has subsidized 500 of New York’s 1,200 charging stations through its Charge NY program and recently proposed funding for 900 more, it is inching forward. New York has yet to join other northeastern states that provide...
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Our February installment of the PPG Speaker Series will feature Dr. Peter Minchin. Dr. Minchin received his B.S. in Botany from the University of Tasmania in 1976 and his Ph.D. in Ecology from the University of Tasmania in 1984. After various research and teaching positions in Australia and the USA, he joined the Department of Biological Sciences at SIUE in 2004 and was promoted to Associate Professor in 2010.
The following companies have offered their generous support to our program.  If you or your firm would like to assist, we always welcome new donors!  Please contact us for details.  Fontana Sports REIEpic Systems
Chapter Treasurer, Laurie Burns-MunroeEnergy Committee, Edward Woll Chair, Ove Bjerregaard, Cathy Buckley,Keith Burrows, Susan Butler, Paul Dale, Jerry Frenkil, Terry Gleason, Kay Herbst, Blossom Hoag, Stephanie Long Phillips, Nadege Montagnon, David Zeek, Launa Zimmaro
January 2016It's Cold, but Primary Season is Hot!; Movie Night: Wind Uprising; New Interns on Board; New Executive Committee members; Fundraising Update; Bobcat Hunting and Trapping Proposal; 2016 Calendar Sale.
OUT OF SIGHT; OUT OF MINDRex BurressThe remote control for the television came up missing, and as it is when something important can't be found, I was obsessed to find it, looking in the same places dozens of times! Finally, I found it, merely out of sight under a piece of paper!Thus it is when any number of important things are out of sight, which usually means out of mind, too, unless it is something important like the remote, or a set of keys, or a billfold. Semi-panic can rage until the...
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Food is anything your grandparents would have recognized in the kitchen.
Contact UsLoma Prieta Political Committee Chair: Melissa HippardPhone:E-mail: Political*lomaprieta.sierraclub.org (change * to @)
San Mateo County Endorsements for the November 3, 2015 General ElectionBrisbane Council (Click here to read our endorsement article) 
Learn about how you or your child can be a part of the fun with Madison Inspiring Connections Outdoors.
By Virginia Woulfe-Beile
Donations and Equipment NeedsWe are always looking for camping and outdoor equipment, items like backpacks, warm clothing and rain gear for the young people on our trips. Both new and gently used equipment and clothing are gladly accepted!  Our current needs/wants include:
Welcome to the Loma Prieta Chapter Political Committee Home Page  Why join Loma Prieta Political Committee? 
NATURAL WONDERSTHE OVERKILL OF NATURERex Burress Federal Environmental Species Act protection on the American eel is being proposed to list them as threatened.Although eels are found largely along the Atlantic coast, over-harvesting through the lack of adequate regulations and 80 percent habitat loss due largely to dam blockage of their migratory route, has driven the long, slick, fish to an all-time low, again rearing the ugly head of extinction.
The legislature is working to push a bill through that would make it easier to sell Wisconsin’s public water utilities and sewage systems to private companies.  AB554/SB432 has passed the full Assembly (on a voice-vote, so we don’t know who supported the bill) and is now awaiting approval from the Senate Committee.
The Sierra Club - John Muir Chapter's blog Muir Musings is seeking blog submissions. We want to highlight the issues and outings you care about and are involved in. If you have a relavent environmental issue or Sierra Club outing you would like to highlight, please submit your blog post by emailing Cassie Steiner at Cassandra.Steiner@sierraclub.org. 
Colorado is ready for 100% clean energy.
The Piasa Palisades Group is in need of a Treasurer!The ideal candidate will be savvy with numbers, proficient with Excel, have good communication and organizational skills, and be a supporter of the Sierra Club. Duties include keeping track of group finances, filing for reimbursements, and interfacing with Chapter and National. These regular tasks will require several hours of work each month.  
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