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In July of 2014 Governor Kaisch signed SB 310, which eliminated Ohio's renewable energy standards. Now a year later, with the EPA releasing the Clean Power Plan, we need a strategy to comply. Tell Governor Kaisch you want clean, green, and cheap energy!
Ohio Department of Natural Resources is planning on allowing logging and prescribed burns in your state forest!
Pull seedlings and small or shallow-rooted plants when soil is moist. Dig out larger plants, including the root systems. Use a spading fork or weed wrench for trees or shrubs.To prevent spread of seeds of desirable ornamental plants, cut off spent flowers ("deadhead") or cut off seeds or fruits before they ripen. Bag, and burn or send to the landfill.Mow or cut back at least 3 times a season to deplete plants' store of nutrients, reduce seed formation, and kill or minimize spread of plants.
Upper Columbia River Slide ShowsUpdated periodically.
1872 Mining Law... Mining the Public's Lands and PocketbookThe 1872 Mining Law, signed by President Ulysses S. Grant, was intended to promote settlement of the West. This 136 year old law declares that the extraction of minerals is the highest and best use of more than 270 million acres of public lands in the western United States.
The All Sensory Trail is located in the Hilton Area, near the parking lot underneath the power lines. The eastern part of the loop trail, and the entrance path from the driveway, are marked in yellow. 
ConservationThe Clean Water Campaign’s Conservation goal is to protect Ohio’s waterways – one stream, one wetland, one drop at a time
Toxic  Algae is back! Lake Erie has already found microcystin, which is a severe human and animal health hazard. The time for phosphorus legislation in now!
Ohio Water Sentinel ProgramThe Ohio Water Sentinel Program seeks to educate, engage, and empower volunteers to restore, improve and protect Ohio’s waterways. Thanks to the generous sup
Water Alert Reporting Network (WARN)
Water Sentinel MapsCheck out these statewide maps to learn more about water quality. You can search the map by address, click on a point to pull up information, or sort results using the toolbar at the bottom left-hand corner of each map.
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MN ICO is a volunteer program and operates with monetary and equipment donations.
OK-KS Earthquake Fighters: August Events in the Stillwater and Norman locations!
Stewardship ProgramThrough the Stewardship program, we hope to directly improve water quality and connect individuals to their waterways.In just the last year, Sierra Club Ohio Chapter has exceeded our goals and provid