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The Sustainable Land Use Committee (SLU) promotes great, walkable neighborhoods.
This bill would establish a license plate to support the Coastal Resources Division with a portion of the fee collected for the plate.
This bill would prohibit the Governor from appointing any sitting legislator to any state job while they are serving in the General Assembly and for one year following such service.  This is in response to the large number of legislators who have resigned after election who have been hired into the Deal Administration.  This includes the Chair of the House Transportation Committee who went to work for the DOT after he passed the big spending bill for them.
SB 321 will make water and energy consumption data from public utilities a “trade secret.”  In other words, this information will not be available to the public.  The well-known way to influence behavior is education and awareness.  If we cannot access reliable information about water and energy use, we cannot implement effective public education and awareness campaigns to promote conservation and efficiency.
Food is anything your grandparents would have recognized in the kitchen.