Global Population and Environment Program

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Mission: The Global Population and Environment Program believes that healthy people and a healthy environment go hand in hand. We work to protect the global environment, preserve natural resources for future generations, and ensure healthy, thriving families and communities by promoting global reproductive health, reproductive rights and sustainable development initiatives. We seek to accomplish our mission through our work with domestic and international coalition partners by:

  1. Increasing universal access to voluntary family planning and reproductive health services
  2. Advancing women's and girls' basic rights, including access to health care, education and economic opportunity.
  3. Promoting youth leadership through trainings and workshops.
  4. Raising public awareness of wasteful resource consumption in the context of social and economic equity.


Check out our new Global Population and Environment 101 video! When women and families are healthy and thriving, the planet benefits too. In just a minute and a half, this video explains why: 

POP Quiz

Test your population smarts with this POP Quiz to see if you can make the connection between the world’s growing population, human health, and our environment!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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