Denver's Inspiring Connections Outdoors program brings kids to the mountains they look at every day, but may have never visited!

We teach lifelong outdoor skills and inspire kids to support each other and become leaders. Through the Inner City Outings program, our volunteers provide outdoor experiences for individuals who might not otherwise have them. Most of the participants are young people from urban communities.

We help kids discover the beauty and challenges of the wild lands we treasure, acquire the skills necessary to enjoy them safely, and learn that human activity and the natural world are interrelated. The program's success helps increase environmental awareness, interpersonal skills, and participants’ self-esteem through active involvement with nature.

Summer Rafting

Our main Summer activity is whitewater rafting. We take multiple day trips teaching kids self-sufficiency, stewardship of the environment, and how to be a valuable team member.

Winter Skiing

Our main Winter activity is teaching kids to play in the snow with skis! We teach kids how to telemark ski, both downhill and cross country. We take multiple day cross country ski hut trips and do weekend downhill day trips to Winter Park.