Featured Volunteer Leaders

Spotlight on Sierra Club Rocky Mountain Chapter Leadership

Over the months and years since January 2012, the chapter's Communications Team has been featuring a volunteer leader in our monthly Peak and Prairie newsletters.  Get to know your active volunteer leaders a little better, and introduce yourself to them by letting them know you've read their feature article if you meet them in person sometime.

Kirk Cunningham, featured 1/12

Jane Ard-Smith, featured 2/12

Alan Apt, featured 3/12

Myrna Poticha, featured 4/12

Ross Vincent, featured 5/12

Linda Batlin, featured 6/12

Kirby Hughes, featured 7/12

Will Walters, featured 11/12

Dave Read, featured 2/13

Betsy Kelson, featured 4/13

Eric Rechel, featured 5/13

Lauren Swain, featured 7/13

Mark Stevens, featured 9/13

Jim Anderson, featured 10/13 (p. 10, pdf file)

Kiera Hatton-Sena, featured 11/13

John Stansfield, featured 1/14

Mathew Elsner, featured 2/14

Kathleen Butler, featured 3/14

Richard Fleck, featured 4/14

Bill Ikler, featured 6/14

Karen Dike, featured 7/14

Bonus staff feature: Matt Reed, featured 7/14

Carole Chowen, featured 8/14

Jim Luidl, featured 9/14

Tiffny Shanaughy, featured 10/14 (p. 5, pdf file)

Harv Teitelbaum, featured 11/14