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350 BreakFree


Fracking next to a suburb

BLM - Keep It In The Ground!
May 12, 12:00PM
Holiday Inn Denver Lakewood - 7390 W
Hampden Ave, Lakewood, CO 80227
On May 12th, The Bureau of Land Management intends to auction off public lands in CO for fracking
and the movement intends to be there to tell them to keep in the in the ground!

Front Line Fracking Defense:
May 14, @ Sunrise,
Denver Metro Area, CO 
We will mobilize to protect a community working to defend itself from fracking near Denver 

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Pollinator-Safe Plant Exchange*
Saturday, May 28th, 10:00-2:00
Unitarian Universalist Church west parking lot
5001 Pennsylvania Avenue, Boulder, 80303

Pesticides are difficult to avoid in our world—and pesticides kill pollinators and undermine human health.
So here’s a solution: Give a plant, take a plant.
Give two, take two. Give ten, get ten. FREE!

If you have lots of extra plants in your yard that you know have not been treated with pesticides, don’t throw them in the compost bin! Instead, dig them up, put them in a little pot (make sure that’s pesticide-free too), and bring them to our plant exchange. You might see something you like from someone else’s garden. If so, it’s yours—for free! Help us spread the word! Please make sure that your plants are safe: they’ve been in your yard for more than three years and you don’t use pesticides, or you bought organic seed, etc.

I’ll be bringing bachelor buttons, borage, cat mint, catnip, chives, Colorado blue flax, cosmos, echinacea, forget-me-not, harebells, hyacinth, larkspur, lemon balm, lupin, mint, oregano, penstemon, periwinkle, raspberries, strawberries, sunflowers, sweet William, wild plum, and more. All organic, all free. What will you bring?

Do you have lots of plants to give away? Bring a table & chair and join us as we give away SAFE plants—and get some too. Consider bringing a canopy/umbrella—could be rainy or hot.

Contact: Rebecca Dickson, Rebecca.Dickson@comcast.net

   *And people-safe too!   

Sponsored by the Sierra Club & People and Pollinators Action Network