Ways to Give

Thank you so much for making a contribution to your Sierra Club Rocky Mountain Chapter.  Every contribution is significant to us.  



A non tax-deductible general gift to the Sierra Club Rocky Mountain Chapter will support our effective Colorado citizen-based advocacy and lobbying efforts, and keeps our Denver office open.



A tax-deductible gift to The Sierra Club Foundation Rocky Mountain Chapter via Colorado Gives will support our Colorado outings, public education, and administrative lobbying activities.

Un regalo deducible de impuestos para el Sierra Club Fundación Rocky Capítulo montaña a travës de Colorado da apoyará nuestras salidas de Colorado , la educación pública y actividades de cabildeo administrativos.


Donate in the name
of an honoree!

Make a gift to the Sierra Club Rocky Mountain Chapter in the name of your honoree. You may choose to honor a dear person who recently passed, or friends or family who are celebrating life's milestones, such as birthdays and weddings.