November/December 2013

Yellowstone Bison.


Bison and Boundaries

Can the last wild bison roam free?

Icing Down

Amid a life of sharp transitions, an Iraq War vet finds tranquility in the swing of an ice tool.

Resuscitating the Rainforest

Indonesian doctors show that stethoscopes might be the best defense against chainsaws

Repower LA

Los Angeles is kicking coal, but it isn't easy. This labor-enviro coalition is helping low-income Angelenos make the transition.

Carbon States of America

We can export vast amounts of coal, oil, and natural gas, or we can protect future generations from climate change. We can't do both.


Green Life Blog

3 Easy Vegan Pies for the Holidays
Vegan pies -- what could be sweeter? Hannah Kaminsky, author of Easy as a Vegan Pie: One-of-a-Kind Sweet, points us in the right direction.
Bikes Reimagined: 3 Groundbreaking Designs
A few brave innovators have decided to take a hammer to the classic bike — simplifying it, making it more efficient, and crafting it into a more versatile machine.
Emphasizing the Green in Kwanzaa
Red, black and green are the official colors of Kwanzaa and are used in decorations and candles. So here are a couple of eco-friendly activities to make the green a little bit brighter this Kwanzaa.
Gifts That Keep on Living
The problem with most holiday presents is that they're just so . . . lifeless. Not these.