Cover image: Bisti/De-Na-Zin Wilderness, New Mexico
Photo by IAN SHIVE




Lost in Time

Pedaling fat tire bikes on broad, bear-tracked Alaska beaches at midnight.

Throwing Shade: How the nation's investor-owned utilities are moving to blot out the solar revolution

Fearing lost profits, the nation's investor-owned utilities are moving to blot out the solar revolution.

Welcome to the Muskeg

In Ontario's Little North, you can paddle 500 miles without passing a bridge, touching a road, or seeing another canoeist.


Earth Beat

Big Celebs for Big Problems

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Matt Damon, Jessica Alba, and other star correspondents report on climate change in Showtime's new series.

Biz Stone's Ring

The tech wizard's lost treasure at the bottom of Tomales Bay.
Faces of Clean Energy

Blade Runner

Inside a wind turbine factory with one of the workers who make them.
Club News

Blurring Utah's Image

How's this for a slogan: Utah's air—"Better than Beijing's."
Next Big Thing


In the future, will buses solve all our problems?

Dress for the Ride, Not the Weather

Your raft "tacos" in high, frigid water. Now what?

Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska

A Glacier Bay kayak trip leaves the indelible smell of moose.
Gear Guide

Grab and Go Paddle Gear

Check off all your paddling needs, and get more time on the water.
Taste Test

Green Beans

There's more to eco-conscious coffee culture than bringing your own mug.
Comfort Zone

Magical Miniature Tour

Happiness in a 120-square-foot DIY house.
Last Words

Master of All He Surveys

A puffin peruses the Icelandic coast.

Money Talks, Carbon Walks

Is your bank using your savings to level Appalachia?

Off-grid toilets

Potty smackdown

Revenge of the Ninja Turtles

Filmmaker Angela Sun debunks Pacific Garbage Patch myths

Ríos Tropicales Lodge

Get away to a Costa Rican eco-lodge

Sea Stars

It's a farewell to arms for California sea stars.

Taylor Smiley

An interview with a Pacific Crest Trail through-hiker and Club volunteer.

Telephone Bookend

Turn a rotary phone into a bookend.

The Human Run

In Alaska, it's not just the salmon that swim upstream.

The Next Asteroid

Elizabeth Kolbert asks, are humans causing a sixth mass extinction?
Mixed Media

Time Traveler

Rachel Sussman's quest to photograph the oldest-living organisms.
Up to Speed

Two Months, One Page

Environmental news, in case you missed it.

What Sort of Person Reads "Sierra"?

Potential ad campaigns starring our influential readers

Green Life Blog

4 Crowdsourcing Apps for the Outdoors
These apps use crowdsourced data to make outdoor exploration even better.
5 Eco-Conscious Sunscreens for Outdoor Adventures
Which sunscreen will you choose for you summer adventures?
5 Outdoor Lifestyle Blogs to Bookmark
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7 Apps for Green Road Tripping
These apps will keep your carbon footprint slim and trim this summer.
A Pie Chart Even Rick Perry Could Understand
"A tiny sliver of environmental extremists," illustrated.
Claymation Sensation: Artist Animates John Muir
Ian Timothy spent a year making this tiny John Muir come to life in a stop-motion short.
Cloudy with a Chance of Global Warming
The appearance of rare noctilucent clouds over Europe make be an indicator of global warming.
Cyclists: The Car That Will Kill You Is the One You Don't See
Forty percent of cyclists killed by cars are struck from behind.
How David Brower Are You?
Take our quiz to find out how similar you are to David Brower!
Inherit the Windbags: New Monkey Trial on Climate Denialism
Climate denialist coal baron to sue EPA over easily disprovable right-wing talking point. Pass the popcorn!
Innovation Helps Baltimore Clean Up Its Act
Baltimore's new water wheel is collecting harmful trash from its harbor.
Largest Mule Deer Migration Ever Recorded
These deer have to cross dangerous highways to follow their migration pattern.
Meet Bigfoot's Cousins: 5 Destinations for Legend Hunters
Search for creatures of legend and explore their beautiful natural habitats.
Mythbusting Movie Eco-Apocalypses
See which of your favorite eco-apocalypse movies are scientifically improbable--and which ones could really happen.
Nature's Fireworks: 5 All-Natural Holiday Spectacles That Will Blow Your Mind
Check out these 5 all-natural spectacles to enjoy this holiday instead of problematic man-made fireworks
Nerds in Flight: Greening Drones
Citizen-science group Nerds for Nature is learning about how drones can help the environment. Let's change the way we think about drones!
Poachers v. Drones: The Next Frontier
Drones are the newest tool for fighting poachers in Africa, but recent bans in South Africa and Kenya have thrown a wrench into protection plans. Thomas Snitch and the World Wildlife Fund talk about poaching, drones and the future of the two.
Quitting our Petroleum Addiction: Top 5 New Bioplastic Innovations
Your next plastic coffee cup could be made from shrimp and the straw from avocados. Read up on the 5 bioplastic creations that could change the future of waste and our dependence on petroleum-based plastics by using innovative ingredients.
Stargazing with the Terminator
Great views of the moon are in store for June.
The Most Daring Nature Footage Captured by Drones
These daring videos shot by drones go where no human could go alone.
Vlog: Coral to the Rescue
Sierra magazine's official video blog that explores the wonderful world of the outdoors, how we can protect it, and the awesome science that goes with it.
Water: The Ultimate Unknown
Surf filmmaker Morgan Maassen stuns viewers with his passion and appreciation for the ocean in his latest short, "Water."
Why There Are No Republican Scientists
"I'm not a scientist, so I'm going to ignore 97% of scientists."