Grab and Go Paddle Gear

Check off all your paddling needs, and get more time on the water.
  • Canoe

    Modeled after a boat designed in 1903, the OLD TOWN Charles River 15 is a 15-foot-8-inch-long, 80-pound tandem made from tough three-layer polyethylene for those wayward encounters with rocks. The canoe features a shallow arch hull and an ample 35-inch beam for stability, as well as two nylon web seats and an ash yoke and thwart. The tumblehome design makes it easy for smaller paddlers to reach the water--which the young 'uns found helpful on Utah's Green River--while a moderate rocker (the bottom's bow-to-stern curve) blends hull speed and maneuverability. $1,000,

  • Folding Cane Canoe Chair
    Lori Eanes

    The Folding Cane Canoe Chair by HARMONY can be used as a third canoe seat or pulled up to a campfire. The mesh bottom and 15-inch-high cane back let air circulate, while the seat itself is just high enough to stay out of puddles and still maintain a low center of gravity. It also folds flat into a tight 12-by-14-inch package for easy storage. Just don't get up for too long or someone's bound to swipe your seat--as happened time and time again on a test run in Colorado's Ruby-Horsethief Canyon. $95,

  • NRS Axiom Glove

    Offering UPF 45+ sun protection and blister abatement, NRS Axiom Gloves feature a blend of polyurethane and synthetic leather that reduces slip, so you don't miss a stroke. Their ventilation ports and breathable H2Core fabric kept our hands cool even in the oven that is the Canyonlands. $25,

  • Vapor Straight Shaft Canoe Paddle

    With its cedar shaft and mixed-wood blade, HARMONY's Vapor Straight Shaft Canoe Paddle looks like it should be hanging on your wall. Lightweight yet stiff, it's armored against anything the river might throw at you, from submerged boulders to cobblestones. The blade's sturdy carbon power face and fiberglass overlay mean you'll pass this baby down to your grandkids. After testers put the paddle through its paces on several Colorado lakes, the hardest part was getting them to relinquish it. $160,

  • NRS HydroLock Dry Bag

    The NRS HydroLock Dry Bag basically acts like a giant ziplock with a roll-top closure for backup. Tightly wound, urethane-coated nylon keeps weight down and abrasion resistance up, and the smooth surface helps the bag glide into those tight spaces beneath your canoe seat. It comes in four sizes (6, 10, 22, and 38 liters), each with a clear urethane window that's quite handy when you're rooting around for gorp to stave off a kiddie meltdown. $25 to $43,

    Lori Eanes
  • T3 Cotton Duck Hat

    TILLEY's T3 Cotton Duck Hat weighs just 5.4 ounces, is machine washable, and floats--as we saw when it flew off a tester's head in a gale along Colorado's Pearl Lake. The brim snaps up on both sides and features a dark sailcloth underside to thwart glare. Guaranteed for life and insured against loss, this hat comes with a four-page owner's manual and a secret pocket under the crown. $74,

  • Canoe bag

    Canoe bags don't get any more authentic than the #4 Original from DULUTH PACK, which was designed to fit into a canoe, pure and simple. The pack has a large single compartment with a built-in map pocket, perfectly positioned leather shoulder straps, and a low-riding design for portaging with a canoe overhead. $315,

    Lori Eanes
  • PFD

    The Ronny by ASTRAL one-ups other PFDs with its ventilating mesh lining that keeps you cool on that last push to camp. Three easily accessible pockets secure everything from sunscreen to compasses, and one even converts to hold beverages. Most important, it stayed on tight, even after cannonballs into the Colorado River. $100,

  • Zephyr

    IMMERSION RESEARCH's Zephyr has an antimicrobial mesh lining that is pajama-comfy and prevents clamminess, so you can wear it over a T-shirt. The shell's proprietary WhiteOut laminate is breathable, but it still funneled water away like desert slickrock when a rainstorm struck on Utah's San Juan River. Velcro wrist and neck closures also kept the wet out, while the made-for-paddling cut never impaired a stroke. $127,