How David Brower Are You?

David Brower

Courtesty of the Sierra Club, special thanks to Ellen Byrne 

David Brower was an icon of the environmental movement, right up there with John Muir and Rachel Carson. He was the Sierra Club's first executive director, served on the board of directors three times throughout the Sierra Club’s history, published over 70 books about the importance of protecting the environment, increased Sierra Club membership from 7,000 to 70,000 members, and was a key advocate for the Wilderness Act.

Anyone who calls themselves an environmentalist aspires to be like Brower. Take our quiz to find out how you match up with this tree-huggin’ hero.


...have a summer birthday

...enjoy hiking

...enjoy rock climbing

...are taller than average

...were a shy child

...are a silver fox

...are a California native

...have published a book (or 70)

...have had a butterfly species named after you

...have been in the Army

...are a college dropout

...became engaged via snail mail (or, for millennials, via text message)

...have climbed challenging mountains

...have been to Yosemite nature photographs

...are inspired by John Muir

...are an advocate for protecting the environment

...have taken a political stance on an environmental issue

...have been successful in such an attempt

...are good at getting friends to join your cause

...are in the Sierra Club (Or are perhaps, at this moment, on their website)

...are generous with money when it comes to causes you care about

...have gotten in trouble with your peers for being “insubordinate”

...voted for Ralph Nader in 2000

...have been called a "druid"

Between 1-8 items

You care about the environment, you love being outside, you might even be taller than average… but there’s still more to do. Read up on the important issues that affect our planet today, and get motivated. There’s a lot to be done!

Between 9-16 items

Way to go; you’re the real deal. Beef up your efforts by taking a stance on environmental issues. You can join campaigns like the Sierra Club’s Beyond Coal or even find a local cleanup effort to dig into. Any action helps, big or small.

Between 17-25 items

You’re almost more David Brower than the man himself! You’re committed to environmental advocacy, political change and rallying like-minded folks around you. Not that you need much convincing, but go take a (literal) hike! You’ve earned it.


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