July/August 2014 cover

Bisti/De-Na-Zin Wilderness, New Mexico

Photo by IAN SHIVE


How Far Can We Go?

The future may be coming to your garage soon. Batteries that deliver 150 or 200 miles of range are poised to make electric cars ubiquitous.

Kiss Your Gas Goodbye

Hybrid, plug-in hybrid, or battery electric: Here's what's good, better, and best for the environment when it comes to cars.

Reclaiming Wilderness

Wilderness is where we come from, and we are adapted through evolution to the rigors and beauties of such landscape. It's time for those of...

The Mayor of Wind

The Tea Party and the Koch brothers are trying to end Texas's wind energy boom. They didn't reckon with Greg Wortham.

The Wilderness Act at 50: Hope in the Unseen

Half a century ago, the United States resolved to protect vast tracts of undeveloped land “where man himself is a visitor who does not...

Wild at Heart

In the face of climate change, the Sierra Club’s mission has expanded far beyond preserving wild places. Sierra pulled aside Dan Chu, head...


Green Life Blog

4 TED Talks That Will Make You Act Now
These TED Talks will inspire small changes for a more environmentally responsible lifestyle.
5 Sites for Scoring Cheap Outdoor Gear
Climbing, hiking and boating season is upon us. Are you prepared?
A Language Problem
English-speaking countries are the most likely to doubt human-caused climate change.
A Slick Idea
Greenpeace wants Shell Oil out of your kids' Legos.
Capturing the Wilderness: An Interview with Peter Essick
Renowned nature photographer Peter Essick discusses Ansel Adams, forgetting about your cell phone, and changing perspectives on wilderness.
CliFi: The hottest reading trend
How will the future smell? How will it taste? The emerging Climate Fiction genre submerges all the senses in dystopias born from climate change chaos.
Coral Rescue
U.S. oceans agency announces sweeping protections for coral.
DamNation, The Most Important Film You Will Watch this Year
This year’s top environmental documentary explores the critical, yet often overlooked effects of dams across the U.S.
DIY Drone Videos
Commercial drones are becoming more ubiquitous every day — here's how to make a short film with one.
DIY Your Cat’s Life
From upcycled sweater beds, to litter made from old newspapers, this guide has everything you need to spoil your cat sustainably.
Do Wind Farms Increase Global Warming?
Is there a link between wind farms and nearby ground warming and drying? Mr. Green finds out!
Drone Zone: The Future is Here
How are drones being used to help explore, enjoy and protect the planet?
Eating the Whole Farm
Food is more than individual ingredients. It’s a web of sustainable relationships.
Extreme Thru-Hiking
How a backpacking novice hiked one of the longest trails in North America.
Goats: Coming Soon to a City Near You
Goats help cities control weeds and prevent fires. Can they also support economic and ecological revitalization in struggling urban neighborhoods?
Harvest Moon Signals Start of Fall
Days get shorter and planets come out to play. See what stargazing you should be doing in September.
How Much Paper Does One Tree Produce?
What is the environmental impact of office paper use? Mr. Green finds out!
How to Handle Microbeads
Still have products with the dreaded "microbead?" Mr. Green tells us how to dispose of them.
Mars on the Move
This July Mars will take center stage and the moon starts to get "super." Read on to impress your friends at the next backyard barbecue.
Measuring Your Carbon Eatprint
As far as the planet is concerned, a vegan diet beats a meat diet any day.
Mr. Green Digs up the Dirt on Lead
Urban gardeners beware - lead may be lurking in your soil. Mr. Green tells us how to remedy the problem.
Mr. Green Tells Us How Bad Plane Travel Is
Should the Sierra Club encourage travel to distant locales?
Plastic Permanence: Our litter is now part of the geologic record
Plastic isn’t just the litter of today — it’s becoming part of tomorrow’s rock record.
Ready, Aim, Salmon!
Who needs a fish ladder to transport salmon past blockading dams when you can use a fish canon?
Rethinking What it Means to be Human: Q&A with author and chimpanzee advocate Nancy J. Merrick
Bright, emotional, and endangered, chimpanzees remind us that we are too alike to watch each other suffer.
Scientists and Adventurers Team Up to Fight Microplastics
Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation, a Bozeman based conservation organization, is connecting scientists and outdoor enthusiasts to help fight ocean pollution.
Sierra Savories: Trout, Jello, and Dressing in Drag
How the back country hiking diet has evolved--some of the surprising snack choices of Sierra Club members and how they reflect history
Supermoon and Shooting Stars
You won't want to miss August's astronomy highlights.
Sustainable Agriculture in Action: Carbon Sequestration Explained
What are some climate change solutions we can implement in our own backyards? What the heck is carbon sequestration? Those answers and more in the latest vlog.
The 8 Weirdest Lakes in the World
How microorganisms color our waters
The Elephant in the Shopping Mall: Q&A with author and rewilding activist George Monbiot
George Monbiot suffered from ecological boredom, so he began rewilding his world from the inside out.
The Origins of Glamping: 1902 Sierra Club Outing
With corduroy tramping suits and a cook on payroll, original Clubbers may have been the first glampers.
What is the greener fireplace choice?
Mr. Green compares the efficiency of gas and wood-fueled fireplaces.
World's Worst Climate Denier?
When asked for evidence that the earth is getting colder, the "Palin of the South" flees the room.
You Pay More for a Crappy 1-Bdrm Apartment in San Francisco Than the City Does for Hetch Hetchy Valley
The median rent for an apartment in San Francisco is $3,285. It costs the city less than that to rent the Yosemite valley that broke John Muir's heart.
Zero Waste, Abundant Rewards
When these zero waste families eliminated their household trash, they stumbled on some unexpected benefits. The less they waste, the more they can live.