The 2016 Comedy Wildlife Awards

Don’t laugh. We dare you.
Fox buries head in snow

Winner of the Nikon Creatures of the Land category and overall winner 2016: "A tough day at the office" | Photo by Angela Bohlke

Presenting a selection of finalists and winners from the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards. These photos perfectly capture the sometimes dopey, other times side-stitchingly hilarious mundanities of the secret lives of animals.


Highly Commended 2016: "Curious" | Photo by Mario Fiorucci
Fish slaps bear in the face
Highly Commended 2016: "Grizzly bear fail" | Photo by Rob Kroenert
Bird poops on ox
Highly Commended 2016: "Head shot" | Photo by Tom Stables
Finalist 2016 | Photo by Brendan Simonson
Landscape Image

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