Ten  Coolest  Schools  2015

Sierra magazine presents top ten coolest schools
Is your alma mater one of America's greenest colleges? Check out Sierra's ninth annual ranking.

2015: The  Best  of the Rest
Full rankings for all 153 schools and completed surveys for each school.
An important scoring correction was made to the Cool Schools feature after publication. Visit sc.org/coolschoolscorrection for updated rankings.

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Amazing stuff happens at colleges around the world.
A student feeds a calf in an animal science course at Sterling College.
At a pastoral college in the hills of Vermont, veterans learn to be ecofriendly farmers.
As part of a Global Divestment Day, 350Africa.org artivists take part in an action outside Standard Bank in Rosebank, Johannesburg.
The student movement to defund the fossil fuel industry graduates and goes to work.
New companies are helping make safe sex more sustainable.
New companies are helping make safe sex more sustainable.
A 3,000-person demonstration in the streets of Dakar last May to push Senegal's government to ban plastic bags.
At colleges in Senegal, Puerto Rico, and New Zealand, students fight to phase out the nonbiodegradable stuff.
Lisa Petterson, a sustainability-design architect in Portland, Oregon.
Architect Lisa Petterson helped design an award-winning university building in Oregon.
Trinity College Students Travel to Trinidad
Andrew Agard and Cassia Armstrong up the ante on what it means to be an undergrad.
Ret and Sisophon at Botum Sakor
A new generation spurs environmentalism from the ground up.
 The University of Colorado Boulder’s Athletic Department brings it on when it comes to eco-initiatives.
The University of Colorado, Boulder’s athletic department brings it on when it comes to eco-initiatives.