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The Mount Baker group serves Whatcom, Skagit, and San Juan counties. Sponsor of many fun outings and gatherings, we focus on water quality issues and development standards to protect the environment.

To reach the Mt. Baker Group please contact:

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or Stan Parker, 2520 Jefferson Street, Bellingham WA 98225 360-738-0770.



We don't have to tell you how important it is to our climate work to get rid of Doug Ericksen and elect Seth Fleetwood as part of a Green Majority in the State Senate.

The Sierra Club has endorsed:  

Suzan DelBene for US Congress, Dist. 1

Seth Fleetwood for State Senate, 42nd Dist.

Satpal Sidhu for State Rep, 42nd Dist., Pos 1

Joy Monjure for State Rep, 42nd Dist., Pos 2

Sierra Club has three campaign events scheduled and we need everyone to contribute a couple hours of their time!

Saturday, October 25, 10 am -- Blue/Green Doorbelling Day. Join the Sierra Club and Labor Union members to get out the vote! Gather at the campaign office, 1228 Bay St, Bellingham.

Sunday, October 26, 4 - 8 pm -- Sierra Club Phone Bank to get out the vote. We'll provide some food and beverages. You provide the passion for our candidates. 1228 Bay St, Bellingham.

Sunday November 2, 1 pm -- Doorbelling with Seattle-area Sierra Clubbers to get out the vote in the 42nd District. Getting Seth Fleetwood and a green majority elected to the State Senate is a top priority for the Sierra Club, so people are bussing in to help! Gather at 1228 Bay St, Bellingham.

Not available to help at these times? You can't get off the hook that easy. Doorbelling and phone banks are happening every day from now to November 4th. Call the Whatcom Dems Campaign office at 383-6133 or stop by 1228 Bay St. in Bellingham and sign up for a time that works for you.

Questions about the Sierra Club campaign effort?  Contact Natalie McClendon at

See all the endorsements in Washington:


COAL FREE PSE CAMPAIGN The SIERRA CLUB has been busy enlisting businesses and citizens who are customers of Puget Sound Energy (PSE) to add their names to a letter asking PSE to re-examine their commitment to buying energy from the Colstrip Coal Plant in Montana. Over 30% of our electricity from PSE is generated from Colstrip which is the 9th most polluting plant in the U.S., and is old and out dated.  PSE has committed to buying this energy from one of the dirtiest and oldest producers in the nation for the next 20 years. We are asking them as a conscientious company to examine their practices and costs to see if this is the best use of their monies. We believe that the millions that will be spent upgrading this plant would be better spent investing in renewables such as wind and solar. If you are a business owner and would like to join this effort please contact Judith Akins at


The Greatness of the Bolt Decision of 1974: It’s Pivotal Role in Northwest Washington, Indian Country and America Today.  By Dr. Charles F. Wilkinson

Dr. Wilkinson, of the University of Colorado Law School is a nationally recognized expert on law related to Indian Treaty rights, has written fourteen books, and is currently working on a book about the Boldt decision.

Whatcom County has started to engage in a series of issues associated with water supplies, allocation and rights. One of these issues is the unresolved Treaty Rights of The Lummi Nation and Nooksack relating to water and salmon. An understanding of the Boldt decision is fundamental to the work of solving our local water issues.

There will be three opportunities to participate Thursday, October 30:

Luncheon and Speech at Northwest Indian College, Lummi Nation 12 noon.  $15 for Lunch, open to the public.

Faculty Seminar at Huxley College – 4 PM   Open to the public. 

  • Luncheon and Speech at Northwest Indian College, Lummi Nation 12 noon.  $15 for Lunch, open to the public.
  • Faculty Seminar at Huxley College – 4 PM   Open to the public.
  • Public Lecture at Bellingham Unitarian Fellowship. 7 PM   Open to the public - no charge but a reservation requested.  Approximately 50 elected officials will be offered personal invitations for a reserved seat.

An opportunity to reserve seats will be announced. 

If you wish to be kept informed please E-Mail Bob Aegerter at

Sponsors : Northwest Indian College,  Huxley College of WWU, Mt. Baker Group of the Sierra Club,  Bellingham Unitarian Fellowship.



If you have not seen this yet…it is worth a read!




10.) Because of the vast amounts given to climate deniers, in the 113th Congress alone, there have been 44 votes to block action on the climate crisis, 88 votes attacking public lands and wilderness, 44 attempts to weaken the Clean Air Act and 68 attacks on the Clean Water Act (Sierra Club)

To find out about the other 9 ways and a possible solution to this problem, read more at Moyers & Company


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Mt. Baker members from Whatcom, Skagit, and San Juan counties: 

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Our next monthly meeting will be on Tuesday, October 14th at 6.30 pm.

Meeting details: TBA 



Chair: Judith Akins

Vice-Chair: Stan Parker

Secretary: Nora Weaver

Treasurer: Natalie McClendon

Mentor for Committees: Bob Aegerter


Our Activities and Interests: 

The Mount Baker Group has been active in the Cherry Point Coal Terminal issue and a myriad of other activities which support sound environmental protection policies. The Group Executive Committee is responsible for making local political endorsements and working with elected officials to promote the Sierra Club’s mission.


Ongoing Issues we care about. New Volunteers Encouraged!

Wildlife Working Group This is a new committee that meets at 6:30 PM on the third Thursday of the month. We deal with issues impacting the Marbled Murrelet, Northern Gray Wolf and many other species. Carolyn Sarah Woods is the chair. Most members call in for these meetings. Contact Bob Aegerter at for more details

Legislative Committee This committee deals with issues coming before the Washington State Legislature. During the legislative session they hold telephone strategy meeting once a week. Meetings are more sporadic based on need the remainder of the year. Over 3,000 bills are introduced in a typical year. About 150 are of concern for environmental advocates. We help set priorities with our part time lobbyist and often go to Olympia to testify as volunteer citizen lobbyists on legislation of specific interest. Brian Kilgore is the chair. Contact Bob Aegerter at for more information.

Gateway Pacific Terminal Project Judith Akins, Mount Baker Group, Sierra Club Since the Environmental Impact Hearings have closed on the proposed Gateway Pacific (Coal) Terminal in Ferndale, WA the three co-lead agencies (WA Department of Ecology, US Army Corps of Engineers, and Whatcom County Council) have made some decisions and contracts have been signed. Two contracts were signed on February 27, 2014; there is a contract between CH2M Hill and Whatcom County for preparation of the draft and another between the Council and Pacific International Terminals and BNSF for payment of all related to the completion of the EIS. The cost has been estimated at $7-8 million dollars. You can review the contract and related information at the Whatcom County website. There are several important aspects to be aware of and what individuals can do to help in the development of the EIS final review. "The scope of the report describes what and how the aspects of the environment should be studied including methodologies, schedules and costs. The guidance given to the consultant on how to study impacts may evolve based on the information assembled along the way." This is where the public can be involved and insist on an open process so that there is ongoing conversation about the information being gathered. We should be expecting the draft EIS to be completed in 2015 or later. (There will actually be two separate EIS documents.). After the release of the draft EIS, Whatcom County staff will prepare a staff report for submission to the Whatcom County Hearing Examiner. Recommendations from the Hearing Examiner will be given to the County Council, who will be the ultimate decision makers. Permit decisions by other agencies will follow the decision of the Council if the Council approves the project. During this time when the draft is published there will be a period open to public comments and hearings and by 2016 or later the final environmental statements will be published. Please stay tuned and vigilant as to what is being reviewed and how it is being studied and let the agencies know what your concerns are because we all have a stake in the future of our environment.

Information and quotes taken from: Whatcom County: WA Dept. of Ecology: Scoping Report:

Blue-Green Alliance speaks out. If you read the Bellingham Herald's editorial page on Monday March 24th, you probably noticed the editorial our own Robin Everett, Organizing Representative for the Sierra Club's Coal Free Washington Campaign, co-authored with Mark Lowry, President of the Northwest Washington Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO. Representing Washington's Blue-Green Alliance, they expressed their concern that congress may fast-track the TPP agreement, which would "...take away Congress' ability to debate TPP, amend it or do little more than vote yes or no." If you missed it, here is the link to the article online: