Tatoosh Group (Pierce County)

The Tatoosh group serves all of Pierce County with its multiple municipalities including Tacoma and represents close to 1300 members residing in Pierce County. The group sponsors community presentations on environmental topics. We are active in state, local and national elections. Our Ivy League does ongoing work to remove invasive plant species from local parks. You can read about these and other activities in our newsletter, "The Rainier Review".


The Sierra Club Tatoosh Group of Pierce County is working with other Tacoma Activists in opposition to the proposal to build the biggest methanol plant in the world!

 Tacoma Methanol Plant Image

We Need You – Scoping Hearing for Proposed Methanol Plant in Tacoma –PLEASE COME!

 Thursday, Jan 21  - The first of two public scoping meetings hosted by the City of Tacoma at the City Convention Center, 1500 Broadway

 The doors will open at 5:00 PM.  Please show up as early as your schedule allows.  The comment portion of the meeting will begin at 6:30 PM.  Wear red.  If you like, bring a placard expressing your opinion .

You can sign up to comment or just support those who testify in opposition to this terrible plant.

 For Information and help on submitting written comments click here

Some background:

Northwest Innovation Works (NWIW) is proposing three facilities in the Pacific Northwest to be located at the Port of Tacoma, the Port of Kalama and the Port of St Helens to convert natural gas to methanol. The $3.4 billion gas-to-methanol plant at the Port of Tacoma is the largest plant proposed. The methanol will be transported to Asia by ship to be used as feedstock to produce olefin, a compound used in the production of plastics.

This plant would use more fresh water from Tacoma Municipal water than all the residents of Tacoma collectively, enough power for 320,000 households, introduce toxins into our air and water, be built in an earthquake hazard zone, a lahar and tsunami hazard zone, an area at hazard of liquefying and contain volatile explosive chemicals.  The natural gas would come from fracking in Canada or North Dakota.

For more information click here.   


Tatoosh Group (Pierce Co.) Executive Committee Elections

The Executive Committee (ExCom) consists of five members, all of whom have two-year terms. One new ExCom member will join 2 re-elected and 2 continuing ExCom member to make up the 2016 ExCom. A big welcome to Ken Campbell, the newest member and a big thank you to Torun Parker for her faithful service.

If you have any questions about the ExCom contact Dorothy Walker, Tatoosh Group chair, dorothyw@centurylink.net or Bliss Moore, Tatoosh Group vice chair, blissmoore2004@yahoo.com .

 Contact Dorothy Walker, Chair (Dorothyw@centurylink.net or 253-265-6059) to find out how to become involved in our group activities or contact the committee chair of the activity that interests you. See "Group Contacts" below.


Current Issues

      Methanol Plant Campaign in Opposition - Metha-NO!

      Marine Ecosystem

      Plastic Bag Ban

      Invasive Species Initiative



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