Energy Efficiency for Residents

Our recommendations for energy efficiency devices in multifamily homes are as follows:

Virtual Home Energy Check-Ups Through Dominion are available through Dominion Scheduled Appointments for free! The appointment includes changing the bulbs of your home to brand new LED bulbs, a full home energy audit with a breakdown of how you can save, and suggestions for reducing energy. Click the link below for more information.


LED Bulbs

Pros: affordable and very easily accessible, easy to change bulbs, many utilities offer free programs to get free bulbs with your energy audit yearly


Smart Plugs & Power Strips

Pros: prevent permanent damage to item in the case of a surge (surge protecting), turns off things when not in use even when plugged in so energy is not wasted, extends use of one plug to be used for several electric items, relatively affordable for small projects and homes, easy to use daily


Low Flow Shower Heads and aerators (plumbing tape)

Pros: reducing the amount of water used in the shower, reduce water and electricity bill


Smart Thermostats (use if you have them)

Pros: Controls temperature on schedule, can be Wi-Fi enabled, requires almost no management of temperature on daily basis


The IRA and IIJA has brought funding opportunities for rebates at this time as follows:


30% Of Project costs on:


Maximum Amount

Air source heat pumps


Central air




Biomass fuel stoves






Windows and skylights


Exterior doors


Geothermal heat pumps


Solar energy systems


Battery storage technology


Electric panel upgrades


Home energy audits 


Heat pump water heaters


Natural gas water heaters