Ready for 100% Clean Energy for All


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Ready for 100 is a movement of people working together to inspire city leaders across the country to embrace a vision of healthier communities powered by 100% clean, renewable energy. Today, more than 30% of the country's populations lives under a municipal, county or state that has committed to transition their communities to 100% clean, renewable energy. Check out Sierra Club's 2017 Case Study Report highlighting ten cities that have made ambitious commitments to be powered entirely with clean energy like wind and solar, and are getting it done with different implementation strategies.

We're aiming to shift the entire energy system. Bound by a shared vision, we’re creating healthy communities with family-sustaining, union jobs, moving to community-based power, and ensuring racial, economic, and environmental justice. But a movement this transformational needs everyone.  Contact staffer Eric Willadsen to learn more about how you can get involved:

In Idaho, the Sierra Club and our community partners are working hard to get Idaho cities to join these amazing climate champions in setting 100% clean, renewable energy goals for their communities.  Since the City of Boise's historic commitment in April of 2019, Idaho has seen multiple clean energy resolutions passed including from the Ada County and Blaine County commissioners, and from the municipalities of Pocatello, Ketchum, Hailey, Bellevue, and Meridian.

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Boise's Clean Energy Future

The Ready for 100 campaign celebrated a historic win in April, 2019, as the City of Boise became the first city to commit to 100% Clean Energy by 2035, as did Idaho Power shortly before. A transition to renewable energy will grow our local economy, protect the health of our community members, ensure energy affordability, and create a positive legacy on climate leadership for future generations.

The City of Boise recognizes the risk for our climate and energy rates. In addition, they value the benefits that a transition to clean energy would bring to our local economy and community members. In 2017 the City Council Members prioritized work on clean energy by funding a Renewable Energy Strategy recognizing that proactive clean energy planning was the next obvious challenge to achieving Boise's sustainability vision.  

You can read more about the goal of the Clean Energy Strategy as part of their recently adopted Boise's Energy Future plan.

Download our Boise Ready for 100 campaign fact sheet. 

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