Camp Grayling Military Expansion

Michigan’s state forests are precious resources under siege. Human overuse, climate change, invasive species brought from around the world – these challenges and more threaten not just individual native species but the web of life in our forests, the biodiversity that all species depend upon, including humans. 

The huge military expansion being proposed by Camp Grayling will cause an inevitable increase in environmental strain no matter the limitations imposed. Is this expansion an overwhelming and immediate necessity? Camp Grayling has made no effort to show such a necessity. In the absence of this showing, and given the impact of the expansion on every other important use of our forests, the preliminary approval needed to continue processing the Camp Grayling expansion proposal should be denied.

Tell the Michigan DNR "No" On Camp Grayling Expansion

Read our letter to Department of Natural Resources Director, Dan Eichinger outlining our full opposition to the expansion.