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Volunteer with the Sierra Club Jersey Shore Group!

Are you a Monmouth County resident who's passionate about protecting our environment, natural spaces, and coastline, and social-media savvy? The Sierra Club Jersey Shore Group has multiple volunteer positions available!

These are great opportunities for college students, young grads, or anyone with an interest in the environment and technology. If you're interested in learning more, just visit the Contact Us page and reach out via phone or email.


Join the “50 x 30 TEAM” to Meet New Jersey's 2030 Climate Goals!

The Climate Disasters during the first half of 2021:

  • Severe heat waves in U.S. Pacific Northwest, British Columbia and Siberia
  • Searing wildfires in Oregon, California, Montana, and other parts of the West
  • New York City, Philadelphia, and the Nation’s Capital and other parts of the eastern seaboard shrouded in western wildfire smoke
  • Historic flooding in Germany and other parts of Western Europe
  • Rising concerns of a “megadrought” across several western states

THE EVIDENCE IS CLEAR: President Biden, the Paris Agreement, the 8/9/2021 report by the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, and 1000s of scientists all agree we must achieve 50% Green House Gas (GHG) reduction by 2030, on the way to NetZero GHG emissions by 2050. 

“ON A BUSINESS-AS-USUAL COURSE…OUR [NJ] 2050 GHG WOULD BE HIGHER THAN THEY ARE TODAY”, from an Oct 15, 2020, report by the NJ DEP. The report recommends additional strategies for policymakers to achieve GHG goals. See the Executive Summary here

TAKE ACTIONABLE STEPS NOW, WHILE WE WAIT FOR FUTURE POLICIES: join the “50 x 30 Team” to reduce GHG emissions 50% by 2030. Focus on GHG from New Jersey’s 3 biggest sources: transportation, buildings (residential/commercial use of natural gas), and electricity generation from fossil fuels, while supporting low- and moderate-income NJ residents.

THE NJ “50 x 30 TEAM” educates and advocates that households, municipalities, NJ, and the Federal Government set and track aggressive goals to reduce the 3 primary sources of GHG. We ask NJ towns to start GHG reductions by instructing their Green Teams to achieve "Gold Star in Energy" and reduce GHG under programs.

EXAMPLE ACTION: On August 3, 2021, the “50 x 30 Team” released a draft letter to solicit comments from Gov. Murphy’s Environment/Energy Policy Advisor, prior to delivery to Gov. Murphy. This letter reinforces and adds detail to a July 21, 2021, petition from Empower NJ, to the NJ-DEP, requesting rule-making on a 50% GHG reduction target by 2030. (NJ Sierra Club is one of 7 key leaders of Empower NJ). 

SIGN UP NOW for the “50 x 30 Team”! You will receive reports, agendas, and calls to action. Typical Zoom meetings are at 7PM, on the 3rd Thursday of each month, and as needed for those members working high-intensity projects. For more information, or questions about signup, contact (Climate Chair, Sierra Club Jersey Shore Group).

Sierra Club New Jersey Chapter 2020 Appreciation Awards

View a special video tribute to say thank you to the volunteers and supporters who have dedicated themselves to a specific cause, and to those politicians who have made great strides through environmental legislation.


About the Sierra Club

The Sierra Club is a member-supported, public interest organization that promotes conservation of the natural environment by influencing public policy decisions - legislative, administrative, legal, and electoral. The Jersey Shore Group is part of the New Jersey chapter and serves the entirety of Monmouth County. If you're a resident of Monmouth County and a Sierra Club member, you're automatically part of the Jersey Shore group. However, you don't have to be a Sierra Club member to join us in our range of activities and projects. 

Our Mission

The Jersey Shore Group serves to fulfill the Sierra Club's mission and ensure a healthy environment for all those living in Monmouth County. We accomplish this through the following activities:

  • Educating the public about environmental and conservation science through regular meetings and presentations.
  • Protecting our water, land, and air through local conservation efforts, grassroots advocacy campaigns, and assisting local agencies.
  • Enjoying the natural world through community events, hikes, and canoeing.

 If you'd like to receive information on our group, including invitations to our events and opportunities to take action, fill out the signup form at the top of this page!

Come to our Next In Person/Virtual Meeting


To keep you aware of major environmental events, we will be using a series of interactive webinars, this website, monthly bulletins, and compelling videos to replace our "Science Monday" series of speakers at Brookdale Community College. Tune into our "Science Monday" speaker series at BCC, as we continue to expand our interactive webinars and other communications programs.

Please see the calendar below for information about upcoming meetings and other Jersey Shore Group events!

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