JCP&L Transmission Line


WHEREAS, the Sierra Club New Jersey Chapter has a long history of conservation, protecting wildlife, and stewardship of our lands and waterways.

WHEREAS, JCP&L is seeking to upgrade its electric power transmission capability within the Monmouth County area.

WHEREAS, the proposed transmission line project would involve various construction activities within the Monmouth County communities of Red Bank, Middletown, Hazlet, Holmdel, Aberdeen, and Matawan along the right-of-way of the NJ Transit North Jersey Coast Line Railroad.

WHEREAS, the proposed route crosses environmentally sensitive areas including the Navesink River watershed. The right-of-way overpasses the Navesink River. This area is typical of estuarine conditions with emergent wetlands along the River’s edge. Construction and access roads will still be in wetlands and wetlands buffers along the right-of-way.

WHEREAS, there is a bald eagle nest documented in 2015 on the Navesink River. Power transmission lines are a direct threat to raptors like state-endangered bald eagles and hawks. At night bald eagles have 3-4 times less vision capability than compared to the day time. This is a particular threat because they can fly into the lines and be strangled.

WHEREAS, Mature forest habitats exist along the railroad right-of-way where steep slopes exist. There will be blasting in these geologically sensitive areas. Additionally, the sedimentation of waterways could occur, especially in steep slope areas. There may also be direct impacts to threatened and endangered species habitats.

WHEREAS, this project will have significant impacts to the aesthetic value of these communities and impact their viewshed by building two 185 ft. monopoles. Their will also be noise pollution during construction.

WHEREAS, JCP&L can build other alternatives that have less impact to the environment and aesthetics of the area. These include putting the lines underground, non-transmission, smart grid technology, energy efficiency, and/or demand response.

WHEREAS, this project was turned down more than two decades ago demonstrating a lack of need. With other clear alternatives like renewable energy and distributed energy, this project is unnecessary. This transmission line will not only hurt the environment, but is a waste of ratepayer money.


That the New Jersey Chapter of the Sierra Club opposes the JCP&L transmission line from Aberdeen to Red Bank, New Jersey.

Dated:  August 12, 2016                             SIERRA CLUB, NEW JERSEY CHAPTER

Richard Isaac, Chapter Chair