Candidates endorsed by the N.C. Sierra Club in 2024 elections

These candidates are endorsed by the N.C. Sierra Club for the Nov. 5, 2024, general election. Latest update: April 4.

Our endorsements are non-partisan and informed by our volunteer leaders' research into candidates' positions and, when applicable, performance in office. Please note that we do not make endorsements in every race in any election cycle due to volunteer capacity, lack of supportable candidates and other variables.

Endorsements in federal races, including U.S. House and Senate, are announced by the national Sierra Club.

N.C. House and Senate districts may include all or only part of the counties listed. For specific information on your electoral districts, registration status and more, enter your address at the N.C. State Board of Elections voter search page. The NCSBE site also has full information on the upcoming election.

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STATEWIDE / Council of State
Governor: Josh Stein
Lt. Governor: Rachel Hunt
Attorney General: Jeff Jackson
Insurance: Natasha Marcus
Public Instruction: Maurice (Mo) Green
Treasurer: Wesley Harris
Secretary of State: Elaine Marshall
District 2 (Durham, Person): B. Ray Jeffers
District 8 (Pitt): Gloristine Brown
District 11 (Wake): Allison A. Dahle
District 18 (New Hanover): Deb Butler
District 21 (Wake): Ya Liu
District 27 (Halifax, Northampton, Warren): Rodney D. Pierce
District 29 (Durham): Vernetta Alston
District 30 (Durham): Marcia Morey
District 31 (Durham): Zack Hawkins
District 34 (Wake): Tim Longest
District 36 (Wake): Julie von Haefen
District 40 (Wake): Joe John
District 41 (Wake): Maria Cervania
District 49 (Wake): Cynthia Ball
District 50 (Caswell, Orange): Renee Price
District 54 (Chatham, Randolph): Robert T. Reives II
District 56 (Orange): Allen Buansi
District 57 (Guilford): Ashton Clemmons
District 61 (Guilford): Mary Price (Pricey) Harrison
District 66 (Wake): Sarah Crawford
District 72 (Forsyth): Amber M. Baker
District 73 (Cabarrus): Diamond Staton-Williams
District 88 (Mecklenburg): Mary Belk
District 102 (Mecklenburg): Becky Carney
District 103 (Mecklenburg): Laura Budd
District 104 (Mecklenburg): Brandon Lofton
District 114 (Buncombe): Eric Ager
District 115 (Buncombe): Lindsey Prather
District 116 (Buncombe): Brian Turner
District 5 (Edgecombe, Pitt): Kandie D. Smith
District 13 (Wake): Lisa Grafstein
District 14 (Wake): Dan Blue (D)
District 15 (Wake): Jay J. Chaudhuri
District 16 (Wake): Gale Adcock
District 17 (Wake): Mrs. Sydney Batch
District 18 (Granville, Wake): Terence Everitt
District 20 (Chatham, Durham): Natalie S. Murdock
District 22 (Durham): Sophia Chitlik
District 23 (Caswell, Orange, Person): Graig R. Meyer
District 27 (Guilford): Michael K. Garrett
District 38 (Mecklenburg): Mujtaba A. Mohammed
District 39 (Mecklenburg): DeAndrea Salvador
District 40 (Mecklenburg): Joyce Waddell
District 49 (Buncombe): Julie Mayfield
Durham County:
County Commission: Wendy Jacobs

=END (April 4)=