Candidates endorsed by the N.C. Sierra Club in 2023 local elections

Here are the candidates endorsed by the N.C. Sierra Club for 2023 local elections, as chosen by our volunteer leaders across North Carolina. Please note that we do not make endorsements in every race in this or any election cycle, usually due to volunteer capacity.

Latest update: Nov. 13 to reflect election results.
Winning candidates' names are in bold font.

Our endorsements are non-partisan and informed by our volunteer leaders' research into the candidates' positions and, when applicable, performance in office. If you're interested in helping vet candidates in future elections, connect now with your local Group!

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Town Council: Terry Mahaffey

Town Council: Eric Plaag
Town Council: Dalton George
Town Council: Edie Tugman

Mayor: Barbara Foushee
Town Council: Catherine Fray
Town Council: Jason Merrill
Town Council: Eliazar Posada

Town Council: Lori Bush 

Chapel Hill:
Mayor: Jess Anderson
Town Council: Melissa McCullough
Town Council: Theodore Nollert
Town Council: Amy Ryan

Mayor: Mike Woodard
City Council: Nate Baker

Mayor: Mark Bell
Board of Commissioners: Meaghun Darab
Board of Commissioners: Matt Hughes

Town Council: Anne Robotti

Mayor: Kyle Shipp
Board of Commissioners: John Bonitz
Board of Commissioners: Allen Wilson
Board of Commissioners: John Foley

Wake Forest:
Board of Commissioners: Adam Wright

Town Council: Dee Lawrence
Town Council: Peter McGuire
Town Council: John Chase

Mayor: Jim McAllister
Town Council: Betsy Erwin
Town Council: Ken Kahn
Town Council: Johanna Young
Sanitary District Board of Trustees: Larry Hopkins
Sanitary District Board of Trustees: Lauren Edgerton
Sanitary District Board of Trustees: Gordon Maybury