Renew Part Two!

How do you live Earth Day Every Day?Small daily acts add up to a big contribution in helping reduce human impact on the Earth. Even something as small and everyday as getting dressed. Most clothes are not made to last and consume a great deal of land, water, chemicals, fuel and labor to produce. Instead of buying inexpensive, short-lived clothes, there’s something completely different you can do to reduce the impact of getting dressed. Try renewing some of your clothes, like those who did the Renew Your Shoes workshop in March. At the Renew Your Shoes class, each person took a pair of good but in need of love shoes and gave them a makeover with fabric paint. A professional artist, Linda Zolten Wood (@zoltenwooddesign), taught the class using both video and live instruction. Lots of fun, camaraderie and creative energy ensued. Look at some of the results!